Mike Durfee State Prison

Mass testing done at Mike Durfee State Prison (MDSP) in Springfield this week found 127 inmates testing positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus while 22 tested negative, according to the South Dakota Department of Corrections (DOC). That is a test infection rate of 85%.

In a press release issued Friday, the DOC said the MDSP prisoners who had tested positive have been put into isolation.

“All education, inmate skills training and work programs on the MDSP campus have been temporarily suspended,” the press release said. “All inmate transfers to and from the facility are also temporarily suspended at this time.”

The DOC also reported that 249 of the 259 inmates and staff who tested positive at the women’s prison in Pierre have recovered. Three rounds of mass testing were conducted last month at the facility in Pierre.

Meanwhile, South Dakota recorded 793 new COVID infections and three deaths friday, according to the Department of Health in its daily update.

One of the deaths occurred in Douglas County, which was its third overall and second this week.

South Dakota’s number of COVID-related deaths now stands at 307.

Yankton County saw another big case increase Friday, adding 12 new infections. However, there were also 20 recoveries reported.

Also locally, Union County recorded 10 new cases — the 10th straight day it has seen double-digit growth in daily infections — but also saw 31 new recoveries.

Here are the summaries for area South Dakota counties:

• Bon Homme County — 9 new cases (200 overall), 0 new hospitalizations (14), 3 new recoveries (105), 0 new deaths (1), 94 active cases;

• Charles Mix County — 4 new cases (293), 0 new hospitalizations (51), 12 new recoveries (206), 0 new deaths (0), 87 active cases;

• Clay County — 6 new cases (683), 0 new hospitalizations (18), 11 new recoveries (576), 0 new deaths (8), 99 active cases;

• Douglas County — 3 new cases (145), 0 new hospitalizations (22), 8 new recoveries (90), 1 new death (3), 52 active cases;

• Hutchinson County — 2 new cases (176), 0 new hospitalizations (15), 12 new recoveries (124), 0 new deaths (2), 50 active cases;

• Turner County — 6 new cases (341), 1 new hospitalization (15), 12 new recoveries (202), 0 new deaths (8), 131 active cases;

• Union County — 10 new cases (630), 2 new hospitalizations (38), 31 new recoveries (464), 0 new deaths (10), 156 active cases;

• Yankton County — 12 new cases (590), 0 new hospitalizations (23), 20 new recoveries (448), 0 new deaths (5), 137 active cases.

In Nebraska, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) late Thursday reported four new infections in Dixon County (144 overall), and two new cases in both Cedar (124) and Knox (236) counties.

The University of South Dakota reported 50 active cases Friday (43 students, 7 staff), down one from Thursday. The number of those in quarantine dropped by one to 186, including 25 on campus (-1).

In other news Friday, the mayors of South Dakota’s First Class Cities, including Nathan Johnson of Yankton and Kelsey Collier-Wise of Vermillion, issued a joint press release calling on the public to “wear a mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained, keep your social interactions to small groups, wash your hands frequently, clean frequently touched surfaces often and stay home if you feel sick.”

The mayors also called on business owners to consider asking employees and customers to wear face masks and maintain physical distances, and to provide hand sanitizer.

“We must all remain vigilant and continue taking steps to mitigate the spread of the virus to protect each other and our loved ones,” the press release said. “There is only one way we will get through this — together.”

Here are the South Dakota statistics for Friday:

• Total Cases — 31,805 (+793);

• Active Cases — 7,312 (+180);

• Recoveries — 24,186 (+610);

• Hospitalizations — 2,044 ever hospitalized (+44); 299 currently hospitalized (-5);

• Testing — 354,104 total tests (+6,888); 226,990 individuals tested (+2,751).

In Nebraska, the DHHS reported 961 new infections late Thursday, as well as five new deaths that raised the state toll to 535.

Other statistics on the DHHS website included:

• Total Cases — 55,428 (+961);

• Active Cases — 17,240 (+425);

• Recoveries — 37,653 (+531);

• Hospitalizations — 2,631 ever hospitalized (+38); 323 currently hospitalized (+12);

• Testing — 770,507 total tests (+14,047); 529,581 individuals tested (+5,487).


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