Editor’s Note: Fifth Graders at St. Agnes Elementary School share what they are grateful for with readers of the Vermillion Plain Talk.

Mrs. Gregoire’s Class

Jerry Thurman – I’m grateful for hunting elk because I get to go for the first time. I go with my Dad and his friends hopefully we get one. We packed so many clothes that we had three totes.

Josie Kingfisher – I’m really thankful that my family is safe because I would be really sad if they weren’t and we couldn’t do fun stuff. I love to dance and I’m really thankful that I’m still able to go to dance class. Because it is a way to express yourself. Something else I’m thankful for is my two new cats Vive and Hason. I love them so much because they are so cute and playful. I’m also happy to see my friends again. I know I could just video chat but that’s not the same. I’m really thankful to see them again.

Sadie Dahlhoff – Some of the things I am grateful for is nature because it can be very pretty and lively in a lot of ways. I am grateful for life because it is beautiful, especially flowers and animals. Most people might not think that the coronavirus was something to be grateful for but while people were in gurenteen the world was healing because people stopped driving and factories stopped working. I’m grateful for all the veterans and doctors because they are heroes and they help the world.

Shane Slattery – I’m thankful for a new president because Donald J Trump was bad in my opinion. I think having no home schooling because I don’t like homeschooling. I am thankful having the scientists are making a covid vaccines because I think covid stinks.

Caitlyn Reins – I am thankful for being in school right now because it is easier to learn things. Right now nobody in my family has gotten Covid that I know of, so I am really thankful for that. Being home and not going to so many places is nice, because I get to spend more time with family and pets. During this time I got a puppy named Lulu, and a lot of chickens. I am thankful for pets because they are cute and nice to have during this time.

Sam Naber – I’m thankful for T.V. and video games and how else will I entertain myself. Sports you have to stay active. Pets are one of the only things that stay the same over covid. Friends and family are so important to have dering covid. Going to the farm is always good to take a break.

William Fischer – I’m grateful for not as much shopping with mom. I’m grateful for not as much shopping with my mom because she takes forever to shop at Walmart or Hyvee. All kids can relate to that. I’m also grateful for face shields instead of masks because you can breathe better in face shields and masks make my nose itchy and runny.

Shelan Hinseth

I am thankful for technology because I can call my friends and relatives and I can go to school online. I can also watch tv shows and play games. I am thankful for slime because I can be entertained without be on a laptop or iPad. I am thankful for masks because we couldn’t go to school without them. I am also thankful for paper and pencils because I can write and draw. I am thankful for friends and family because we are all going through this together.

Nikki Norby

I’m thankful for my cats Cho cho, Skunky, Crookshanks, Ollie, and Calliey cat because they gave me something to do in Quarantine and kept me company (Otis and Gus helped too). I am always thankful for my house and everything in it.

Ronnie Wilharm

I’m thankful for the three major Minecraft updates because all the updates included something that hasn’t been updated sense the beginning of Minecraft. The Village and Pillage update updated the village and villagers’ look and added the Pillager and Outpost. The Nether updated included new textures for all blocks in the Nether and added Piglends, Pigland brutes and Hoglands. It also included three new biomes and structures. The caves and cliffs update included a whole new look for all caves and moutans it also added new mobs too like the warden, axolotl, glow squid and goat.

Adalyn Trowbridge

I am thankful for being in fifth grade this year. Because fifth graders are the leaders of the school. We also can be responsible for most things. Fifth grade also has lots of fun activities to do. I am also thankful for starting to work on my house more. Because it will be really cool and new.

Micah Mayrose

This year I’m thankful for Paper Mario: the origami King, because it inspired me to learn how to fold origami. I am also thankful for the Isle of Armor and the Crowned Tundra, the DLC (Down-Loadable Content) for pokemon Sword and Shield, because it adds more stuff to do after completing the main story. (besides completing the curry dex and pokedex) I would recommend completing the game, or at lease getting the water bike before starting the DLC, though because the pokemon are all pretty strong, (I did complete the story though) and if you can’t go through the water, you can’t gigantamax Urshifu.

Liam Schapekahm

I’m thankful for my new computer because it allows me to socialize with my friends online. I’ve been doing robotics and even though I wasn’t there to do being sick my team got 2nd in finals in the tournament and it was fun to watch on stream. My friend Charlie has been introducing his friends to me by playing games with them, and becoming friends with them online.


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