It’s time to Get Moving! Summer dance classes begin at VADO on June 22. In addition to all the great classes they usually offer for all ages and interests, they are also offering just for the summer: Get Moving!

These classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. are for any kid who needs to get moving! No dance skills necessary, no special shoes or equipment required. Send your kids to dance and exercise out in the parking lot to fun music! That’s right! They’re dancing out in the parking lot in the fresh air and sunshine! Kids of all ages are invited (must be at least 5)

And that’s not all: VADO also has Get Moving for Adults! Learn the Shim sham, learn the line dance from Footloose, learn MJ’s thriller! How about the finale from A Chorus Line and the opening dance from Lala Land? Learn those too! (Depending on the number of adults, this class may be held indoors in the AC).

And if Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Tumbling, or Dance Team is your thing, they’ve got those! Or try something completely new!

Are you only three or four years old? They’ve got great classes for you and your friends as well!

It’s a great time to be dancing!

All classes are $50 for the six week session or $10 to drop in.

Check out their website for class times.

You will also see all the health and safety precautions that are in place for a fun and healthy dancing summer!

You can contact VADO via email at or on Facebook. You may also call VADO at 605.658.0138.


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