Giving Thanks

Next week, families across the nation will pause to celebrate Thanksgiving in a variety of ways. Like many students, Vermillion first-graders are excited for the holiday and are looking forward to participating in traditional and non-traditional activities. Here’s what some Vermillion first-graders said they are looking forward to this year:

Mrs. Beach’s Class

Husna A. – “I am just excited for Thanksgiving!”

Trent A. – “To see my cousin!”

Camden B. – “I am excited for turkey to eat and thankful for seeing my family!”

Parker B. – “Eating turkey!”

Tenley B. – “I love turkey on Thanksgiving! That is what I am most excited for.”

Cole K. – “I am most excited for my grandma to come to my house!”

Marina K. – “I am excited to be with Geo … I like to eat mashed potatoes!”

Kaleia L. – “That I’m going to go to my grandma’s house!”

EmmaLee M. – “To see my family and my grandma!”

Cash M. – “To see my family.”

Nam N. – “I like turkeys on Thanksgiving!”

Eva P. – “I am excited to go to the hotel for the wedding!”

Talan P. – “I love my mom. I love my dad!”

Ashtyn S. – “I am excited to see my family. I am excited to play with Colton!”

Michael W. – “I’m excited to have turkey!”

Ms. Law’s Class

Claire A. – “Visiting my Grandma.”

Finn D. – “Seeing the rest of my family when we celebrate Thanksgiving.”

Zara D. – “Being with my family, celebrating Thanksgiving and eating pecan pie!”

Lucas G. – “Staying home with my family.”

Kadence H. – “Going to Grandma Karla’s and my Nanna and Bappa’s house.”

Jezebel J. – “Spending time with my family.”

Lexi J. – “Seeing my Grandpa and Grandma.”

Kaleb K. – “No school!”

Jase L. – “Having a football night where we play outside or on the Xbox.”

Jade M. – “Eating turkey!”

Ryder M. – “Going to my Nana’s.”

Koen P. – “Not having to do homework and eating pumpkin pie.”

Phoenix R. – “Writing poems to Santa.”

Aaron S. – “Eating turkey at my Grandma’s.”

Nora T. – “Spending time with my family.”

Chase W. – “Having a big feast at my Grandma’s.”

Owen W. – “Going to my church and having a party.”

Evelyn Y. – “Playing with my Guinea pig.”

Ms. Hage’s Class

Karina S.—“Love”

Maddox R.—“Family members.”

Addie T.—“Strawberry pie.”

Amari B.—“Having fun with my family.”

Izaak N.—“Kindness.”

Alex S.—"The meat.”

Malek W.—“Turkey.”

Collins K.—“The turkey.”

Alex C.—“Eating a turkey.”

Ketona N.—“Getting my mom a present.”


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