Nate Welch

Nate Welch

Nate Welch is no longer CEO of the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company (VCDC).

Jeff Erickson, the chairman of the VCDC’s Board of Directors, announced that news via a letter to VCDC members Monday.

The letter reads:

“The Vermillion Area Chamber & Development Company (VCDC) Board of Directors today announced a transition in leadership. We thank Nate Welch for his dedication to the Vermillion community over the past eight years, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

An interim-CEO will be named in the coming days. The board will work closely with the interim-CEO during this transition, which will include meeting with VCDC staff, business members and the Vermillion community.

The VCDC Board of Directors will soon begin a search for our next president and CEO. We will continue to communicate openly with the community and our business members during the search process, and we welcome any feedback as we search for our organization’s next leader.”

Welch was hired by the VCDC Board as the organization’s executive director in early 2014 and officially joined the company on Feb. 24.

He was previously employed in Sioux Falls where he served as the vice president of operations for Sioux Falls Sports, LLC. Previously to that, he worked in the areas of fund development for Dakota State University and the University of Sioux Falls. Welch helped create and later served as the president of the Sioux Falls Chamber Young Professionals Network.

Welch succeeded Steve Howe, who had served as the VCDC executive director for six years prior to Welch’s hiring.

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