Yankton County reported another four positive tests for COVID-19 in Monday’s daily update from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH).

The county, which recorded its third death related to COVID-19 over the weekend, now has 157 known cases to date, of which 55 have been reported this month and 40 in the past week. One new recovery was registered (106). There are 48 active cases.

Meanwhile, Bon Homme County reported two new positive tests, bringing its total to 26, of which 13 have been reported in the past five days. The outbreak in new cases prompted Bon Homme School District officials to postpone the start of the school year by one week to Aug. 24, while the Bon Homme County Courthouse was closed Monday due to COVID-19 concerns. The DOH website has upgraded the county to substantial community spread, which was due in part to a new method for defining community spread in counties that was unveiled Monday.

During a media briefing, state epidemiologist Josh Clayton said there is no indication as yet of any single event or location that has caused the surges in either county.

“(Regarding the) information on increasing cases in Yankton County, we’ve not been able to attribute that … to any work setting,” he said. “We’ll take a closer look at those cases.”

In relation to the Bon Homme County cases, he added, “We continue to see cases all throughout the state. We don’t have any specifics related to that county.”

He did note that, in the event of any outbreaks related to specific locations, the Department of Health would issue notices to the public.

“Nothing to my attention has risen to that level in Bon Homme or Yankton counties,” he added.

Also locally, Douglas County reported one new case Monday, bringing its total to 20 known cases. One new hospitalization was reported (3). There are four active cases.

Turner County recorded one new case, its 60th. One new recovery was reported (47). There are 13 active cases.

In addition, Clay County’s case total was amended downward by one to 141. There are now 23 active cases.

Statewide statistics for Monday included

• Total cases — 10,360 (+86);

• Active Cases — 1,194 (+12);

• Recoveries — 9,013 (+74);

• Deaths — 153 (0 change);

• Hospitalizations — 921 ever hospitalized (+5); 60 currently hospitalized (-6);

Testing — 165,065 total tests (+962); 129,293 individuals tested (+519).

In Nebraska, 131 new positive tests were posted on the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website late Sunday, lifting the state’s case total to 30,372.

One new case was reported in Cedar County, giving it 28 known cases to date.

No new deaths were reported, keeping the state’s toll at 361.

The DHHS website again reported no new hospitalizations (1,883), even though new hospitalizations rose to 146 (+2).

Recoveries climbed to 22,484 (+233).


Here is the statistical COVID-19 rundown for area South Dakota and Nebraska counties for the past week (Aug. 10-17), according to the DOH and the DHHS:

• Bon Homme County — 13 positive tests (26 overall), 0 recoveries (13), 0 hospitalizations (1), 0 deaths (0);

• Charles Mix County — 9 positive tests (113), 3 recoveries (96), 1 hospitalization (35), 0 deaths (0);

• Clay County — 11 new positive tests (141), 5 recoveries (118), 1 hospitalization (9), 0 deaths (0);

• Douglas County — 3 new positive tests (20), 2 recoveries (16), 1 hospitalization (3), 0 deaths (0);

• Hutchinson County — 2 new positive tests (31), 3 recoveries (27), 0 hospitalizations (6), 0 deaths (0);

• Turner County — 8 new positive cases (60), 4 recoveries (47), 0 hospitalizations (3), 0 deaths (0);

• Union County — 7 new positive tests (223), 19 recoveries (198), 1 hospitalization (18), 0 deaths (4);

• Yankton County — 40 new positive tests (157), 10 recoveries (106), 2 hospitalizations (11), 1 death (3);

• Cedar County, Neb. — 6 new positive tests (28), 0 deaths (0);

• Dixon County, Neb. — 0 new positive tests (case total amended down by one; 57), 0 deaths (2);

• Knox County — 6 new positive tests (42); 0 deaths

According to The Associated Press, the vast majority of people recover from COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) says people with mild cases recover in about two weeks, while those with more severe cases can take three to six weeks to get better.


For more information, visit the South Dakota Department of Health COVID-19 website — — or call 800-997-2880; for Nebraska, visit


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