Thursday, Clay County reported its fourth new case of COVID-19 this week yielding a total of 111 positive cases. There have been six hospitalizations and 100 recoveries, leaving 11 active cases in the county.

Cedar County also recorded a new case, the second since July 13, giving that county a total of 21 positive cases of the coronavirus.

Also Thursday, South Dakota reported 908 new tests performed and 44 new cases of the virus. There have been 7,690 recoveries (+81) for a total of 866 active cases. There are currently 44 individuals hospitalized (+5). To date, South Dakota has seen 8,685 residents test positive and 101,660 test negative for the virus. The state’s death toll remains at 129.

The information reported Thursday includes data submitted between 7 p.m. Tuesday and 1 p.m. Wednesday, state epidemiologist Josh Clayton said at a media briefing Thursday.

“So it accounts for a total of 18 hours as opposed to the traditional 24, but that gets us back into the rhythm of cutting the data at 1 p.m.,” he said.

Clayton also gave updates on several virus clusters in the state.

The Avantara Saint Cloud nursing home, which recently saw 69 cases of COVID among staff and residents, has had 65 recoveries and less than five cases active in the past week. That site was set to be removed from the list of clusters following Thursday’s media briefing, Clayton said.

At Pennington County’s Camp Judson, six individuals out of 61 cases identified among campers and staff have recovered so far. Those who tested positive for the virus ranged in ages 5-9 through the 40-44. 75 % of those infected were among the teen population., he said.


Also Thursday, less than 15 cases have been identified at McCrossan Boys Ranch in Sioux Falls. The South Dakota Department of Health is working to organize a mass-testing event for that cluster.

Clayton also highlighted this week’s COVID cases of school-age children.

“As of Monday, July 27, we’ve had 1,003 cases among those 0-19 years of age,” Clayton said. “322 are among the 0-9 age group; 737 have been among those who are 10-19 years of age.”

62 percent of the 0-9 year olds and 68 percent in the 10-19 year age category exhibited symptoms of the coronavirus, the rest were asymptomatic. Currently 4 of those individuals are hospitalized. There have been 24 hospitalizations from that age group so far.

Clayton noted that 46 percent of the 0-19 year olds hospitalized had a chronic health condition, including: heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, immuno- suppressive condition, neurological conditions or the individual was a former or current smoker.

Locally, the COVID-19 situation in Yankton has not changed since Wednesday.

In Nebraska, Knox County, which saw two new cases last week, has not reported any new cases since. Dixon County has not had a case COVID since July 15.

Late Wednesday, Nebraska also reported 267,177 tests given (+3,144); there were 241,471 negative results logged (+2,595) and 25,422 positive COVID test results (+265 new cases). Also Wednesday, the state added 3 new deaths, elevating the COVID death toll to 324.


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