As USD students return to campus, the City of Vermillion reminds all residents of parking regulations.

City staff monitor the community and receive information from other residents about parking violations. Police and Code Enforcement Officers do issue tickets for violation of city ordinances regulating parking.

If you happen to receive a warning/ticket, please tell your roommates and/or neighbors so they can avoid a ticket for the same violation. If the following information is contrary to your past or current parking practices, or if you have any questions regarding parking, please do not hesitate to contact Code Enforcement (605) 677-7050 or the Vermillion Police Department (605) 677-7070.

Below is information regarding parking within Vermillion City Limits per the City’s Code of Ordinances section 70.072: (PARKING) PROHIBITED IN CERTAIN PLACES:

It shall be unlawful for a motor vehicle to stop, stand, or park in the following places except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic signal or sign.

• Within 25 feet of or in an intersection;

• On a sidewalk or in such a manner that any part of the motor vehicle protrudes over the sidewalk;

• Within 25 feet of driveway entrance to any fire station or fire hydrant;

• In front of a private driveway or an alleyway access;

• Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction;

• Upon any parkway (the space between sidewalk and curb) This is for visibility of other vehicles and pedestrians;

• Within 15 feet of or in a marked school cross walk.

You may park along the road in designated parking areas parallel with the curb.

• You must park in the same direction as traffic;

• You must be within 18 inches of the curb;

• Be aware of signage indicating time limits or timeframes when parking is unavailable.


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