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A man and woman are recovering from injuries they received early Saturday morning of Dakota Days following a hit and run accident.

KSFY Television reported Monday that Vermillion Police Department is searching for the driver who hit two Jaycie Pohlman and Cole Uithoven.

Police found the two lying in the road at the intersection of Prentis Avenue and Main Street in Vermillion shortly after the accident happened at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police say the two were hit by a dark-colored sedan while they were crossing the street.

"We got halfway across the street, we looked to our right, and it was over," one of the victims, Cole Uithoven, told KSFY.

Uithoven has road rash on his face, broken teeth, and bruising on his leg.

The other victim, Jaycie Pohlman, was knocked unconscious by the vehicle, causing a concussion.

She also sustained significant facial swelling, a sprained ankle, and a bruised knee.

"It makes me really upset that someone would just leave me, because it could have been so much worse. The thought that someone could just hit a human being and leave me like I was road kill, that's just really hurtful," Pohlman told the Sioux Falls television station.

Her father, John Pohlman, says the last couple days have been an emotional roller coaster.

"At first you're shocked, then you're concerned, then you're sad it happened, and at this point we're angry. We're angry that somebody would do this," John Pohlman said.

Even though the recovery process will take time, Jaycie is staying positive.

"I'm really grateful now that I'm not so shocked. I'm realizing what could've been, I'm really happy that just a busted face is all I really have," Jaycie told KSFY.

The Pohlmans say they'll be placing a full page advertisement in the Volante, USD’s school newspaper,regarding the incident.

They are asking people to come forward with any information that may help the police solve the case.

The Vermillion Police Department told KSFY they are reviewing surveillance video from the area, but no arrests have been made.


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