Huron, SD, July 28, 2020 - The doors at Cornerstones Career Learning Center might have closed in late March, but the teaching and learning never stopped. In fact, according to Executive Director Kim Olson, Cornerstones is currently offering the same number of classes virtually as they did when classes were held face-to-face.

“Over our five program locations, we were offering 22 face-to-face classes,” said Olson. “We’re currently offering 22 online classes, covering GED preparation, English language acquisition, basic skills, and even computer training.”

Cornerstones’ Vermillion location of its career learning center is 904 E. Cherry Street.

Within a week of the COVID-19 closures, online classes began.

“Our staff is highly-trained, certified, and experienced, but this was a huge challenge for them,” said Olson. “They not only had to re-align their teaching methods for online instruction, but they also had to help their students, many of whom have language barriers or limited access to technology, to join classes from home.”

One big advantage was the fact that Cornerstones is the home of the state’s Distance Education Program. At one time this spring, more than 100 students from all over South Dakota were accessing the Distance Education Program, which is housed in Huron.

Now that teachers have settled into virtual instruction, the goal is to increase the number of students accessing online adult education classes.

“We know there are more individuals out there who are looking to improve their English, upgrade their skills, or complete their high school equivalency,” said Olson. “We want people to know that even if they haven’t attended classes at Cornerstones in the past, they can enroll now and start working toward their goals. We will continue to offer a schedule of virtual classes even as we begin to re-open our physical classrooms.”

To learn more about virtual classes and the Distance Education Program, visit


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