The Friends of the W.H. Over Museum are pleased to present “The Dragon Who Fell to Earth” featuring Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppets of Spearfish at the W.H. Over Museum on Oct. 27. The afternoon program will begin promptly at 2 p.m. with a puppet workshop. Children of all ages and their families are invited to come and create their own puppet with Markie Scholz, master puppeteer.

The Dragon Who Fell to Earth is named Daisy Dragon and because the planet of Drago Minor is overcrowded, she is sent through space with an egg to find a place so the egg can hatch and a new colony of dragons can begin. Daisy is sent to explore Earth and when her spaceship tries to enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it cracks into a million pieces and she lands far away from humans along with her egg – sadly, Daisy’s memory is lost and she doesn’t remember anything about her mission. While she’s finding a new place for the dragons to live on Earth, an evil witch captures the egg and has evil designs for it!

To find out what kind of an ending this tale of dragons has, plan to come to the workshop/show on Oct. 27. Scholz is a master puppeteer who has been touring with the dragons for nearly 50 years. She travels about 30,000 miles each year to perform for schools, libraries, festivals, special happenings and any other event that needs some laughter, imagination, and joy.

For more information, call the W. H. Over Museum.


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