With COVID-19 precautions in place, the Wakonda Swimming Pool opened last Friday, June 12, for the season. The pool is one of just a few in the area to open this year in the face of the pandemic.

“The [Town of Wakonda] Board thought it was important to give our young people something to do this summer, so they really wanted to open the pool,” said Nancy Andresen, Wakonda town clerk. “The lifeguards will be working hard this year with extra cleaning and sanitizing to try to keep people safe.”

Some changes at the pool this year, in the face of the pandemic, include a lowered capacity on the number of swimmers allowed each day, no provided lounge chairs, no slide (but the diving boards are in operation) and no concessions. Also, all users must sign a COVID-19 waiver (parents must sign for those under the age of 18) and purchase daily or season passes to the pool through the Town of Wakonda office, rather than at the pool house.

Pool users may bring their own lounge chairs and snacks to the pool. There is no residency requirement for those who want to use the Wakonda Swimming Pool.

“Since so many pools in the area are closed this summer or are limiting who can use the pool, the Board thought it was important to have our pool open to anyone,” said Andresen.

In addition to opening its swimming pool this year, officials in Wakonda are also planning to hold Cornstock, their annual celebration in the park, later this summer.

“With so many events in the area being cancelled this year, and because this is our 20th anniversary of Cornstock, we really think it’s important to hold the event this year,” said Kim Johnson, treasurer for Friends of the Wakonda Pool (FOWP), the organization that hosts Cornstock each year. “There will be changes made this year to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.”

Cornstock will happen Saturday, Aug. 1, at the Wakonda Park, and will involve sand volleyball and bean bag tournaments, a poker run, a beer garden and food in the park, and of course live music. This year, in lieu of a children’s carnival and inflatables, which the committee believes would be too hard to sanitize and regulate, FOWP will sponsor a parade through the streets of Wakonda and an outdoor movie for kids after the swimming pool closes, said Johnson.

For more information about the Wakonda Swimming Pool, or to buy a pass to the pool, please contact the Town of Wakonda at 267-3118.


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