We have been having a lot of fun with these challenges. You have sent in messages for each other and awards for your teachers. You planted seeds (how are those going, by the way?). Keep working on those seeds. You can send in updates and pictures all month on the seeds. I really want to hear about the beans and I will respond. If you still need seeds, the Vermillion Area Farmers Market has a few left. Email them at VAFarmersMarket@gmail.com to get some.

Ready for challenge four? You are finishing up the school year, in a way none of us expected, and you are a real super hero! For this challenge, show me your best superhero costume or mask from items you can find around you. Use anything you want, with permission, of course. What is your superhero name and what superpowers do you have? Are you a villain or a hero? (Add your pet if you have one.)

I have to give credit for this idea to an area teacher, extraordinaire, Haley Molzen. She would also add that you can put the costume or mask on a pillow if you don’t want to be in the picture!

I can’t wait to see your superhero looks! Ask a parent or guardian to send your pictures and information to education.dean@usd.edu by May 21. In their email, they should tell me your name and age and let me know if it is OK if I post your artwork and first name on Facebook. Put Challenge 4 Superhero as the subject line. Watch The University of South Dakota School of Education page on Facebook for these and other pictures. All the entries will be added to a drawing for a stuffed Charlie Coyote from the Charlie store.


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