May PRIDE Employee

Pictured are Jeff Berens, chief nursing officer and Kaylee Montano, May PRIDE Employee of the Month, Sanford Vermillion.

VERMILLION, S.D.Kaylee Montano, Nursing Assistant, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center,was selected as theSanford Vermillion MayPRIDE Employeeof the Month. Shehas been an employeeof Sanford VermillionAugust 2018.


Nominations forKayleeincluded thefollowing:

Kayleeis awonderful additionto theteam.  She is so personable and kind.Kayleeis ahard working employee and deserves Employeeof the Month100xover!  Sheis always willing tohelp and witha smile.  Sheis dedicated totheflawless experiencefor patients and staff.  You aresuchajoy and blessing to work alongside.


A patient noted gratitudeincluding Kayleeinthe newspaper….a precious little nurse’s aide, Kaylee

whohas ourdeepest appreciation forcare well given.


Kayleeis anoutstanding nursing assistant.  Sheisvery hard working and conscientious in her patient care.  Sheis agreat assetto the Vermillionpatient careteam,” comments Jeff Berens,Chief Nursing Officer, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.


Kayleeisa native of Minnesota.  Shecurrently resides in Vermillionwith herhusband, Israel.  Inher sparetime, she likes to beoutdoors, read, draw, carvewood and spend timewith thehubby.


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