Counting Ballots

Clay County Deputy Auditor Nicole Klunder and Vermillion City Finance Officer Mike Carlson run ballots through a tabulating machine Tuesday night in the Clay County Courthouse in Vermillion. Their work eventually determined voters' decisions in the Vermillion mayoral race, the Vermillion School Board race and the Clay County bond election.

Check back here throughout Tuesday evening for election updates.

Central Ward, Northwest, Southeast, Rural Ward 3, Rural Ward 1, Northeast Ward and Rural Ward 2 totals for final results (updated at 9:51 p.m.):

Clay County Bond Election

State's Attorney Explanation: Shall Clay County, South Dakota, issue and sell its negotiable general obligation bonds in a registered principal amount not exceeding $41,000,000 (forty-one million dollars), issued in one or more series, bearing interest at such rates as may be determined by the commission, payable and maturing from 1 and not to exceed 30 years after the year of issuance, for the purpose of new jail, law enforcement safety center, courts, government services, land acquisition costs, and current courthouse stabilization and exterior preservation?

Yes 766

No 1544

For Mayor, City of Vermillion, voters may vote for one:

Kelsey Collier-Wise 886

Aaron Kerkhove 25

Tammy Seney Baisden 178

Ryun Fischbach 391

Ryan S. Church 216

For School Board, Vermillion School District, voters may vote for up to two:

Rachel E. Olson 1414

Shane Nordyke 1070

Wade A. Larson 661


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