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Greetings from Pierre!

Last week I highlighted four education bills: HB 1087, HB 1108, HB 1109, and HB 1066.

All four bills passed the committee process and should be heard on the House floor this week.

If you can, please listen by accessing the SDLRC website, click on 2019 bills, click on the bill number, and then click the PBS bird icon. All four education bills are worth listening to!

Last week I also mentioned SB 66 which was asking to remove the right of an annexing municipality to acquire service territory of an electric utility. I stated last week to stay tuned…..more to come. SB 66 will not be addressed by the legislature this year but will be a part of a 2019 summer study.

House Judiciary heard 10 bills last week. I have highlighted four here:

HB 1061 provides for a court order to test for HIV at the request of the victims on certain crimes.

HB 1063 revise provisions regarding engaging in sexual activity for a fee or other compensation.

HB 1198 defines activities that constitute human trafficking.

HB 1155 provides for certain privileged communications between social workers and students.

Not all bills pass but every bill does receive a hearing. A bill can pass the committee and floor debate move to the other chamber and not pass the Senate. A bill can also complete the process and the governor can veto the bill. One such bill vetoed by the governor is SB 14 to define solar energy facilities and to establish certain provisions regarding solar energy.

HJR 1005 known as the convention of states resolution was defeated in committee, however, the bill was smoked out by the majority of House members on Friday. A vote will be taken on HJR this week.

Thank you to the people who have contacted me. I appreciate your thoughts and bill vote requests.

Remember I can be reached at


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