The Clay County Commission decided that Travis Mockler should continue in his role as president of the commission and Phyllis Packard should remain the commission’s vice president as the governmental body held its first meeting of 2020 in the Clay County Courthouse Tuesday morning.

The commission conducted several other items of routine business in a meeting that lasted approximately 30 minutes.

The commission approved the following appointments at Tuesday’s meeting:

Rod Polley will continue in his role as county highway superintendent for a two year term expiring Jan. 4, 2022.

Layne Stewart was appointed as Clay County Emergency Management Director for a one-year term expiring Jan. 5, 2021.

Drew Gunderson was named the county’s welfare director, zoning administrator and veteran’s service officer to fill the remainder of the four-year term expiring Jan. 4, 2021. He replaces Cynthia Aden following her recent retirement.

Commissioner members were also appointed to various county boards. Mockler will continue as a member of the Clay County Fair Board and as a member of the Clay County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Packard will remain a member of the Executive Board of SECOG. She was also serve on the board of directors of the Clay County Youth Trust Fund and the Youth Service Council and on the Joint Landfill Advisory Board.

Commissioner Leo Powell and Highway Superintendent Polley were chosen by commissioners to serve on the Vermillion Basin Advisory Board.

Commissioner Richard Hammond will serve this year as a member of the Southeast Regional Detention Authority Steering Committee and as a member of the Clay County Park Board.

Commissioner Micheal Manning will serve as the county’s representative with the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company and as a member of the VCDC and a member of the Vermillion Now! Advisory Council. He will also serve as chairman of the ICAP Committee.

Bob Fuller was appointed to Clay County’s Public Safety Board for a three-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2023.

Commissioners named the Vermillion Plain Talk and the Tri-County News as the official legal newspapers of Clay County and designated the front door of the Clay County Courthouse and/or the Wakonda Post Office as the place for holding foreclosure sales, at the Clay County sheriff’s discretion regarding location.

First Bank & Trust, Bank of the West, CorTrust Bank/Vermillion, First Dakota National, Wells Fargo Bank/Vermillion, First Premier Bank/Wakonda, SD FIT, and Vermillion Federal Credit Union were named the county’s official depositories.

Powell moved, seconded by Hammond and carried that, pursuant to regulations adopted by the State Board of Finance which provide for rates in connection with travel reimbursement, the mileage be set at $.42 per mile, and if the state raises mileage during the year the County will follow suit; rates for in-state meals set at $40.00 per day (breakfast $6.00, lunch $14.00, evening $20.00) and out-of-state meals set at $56.00 per day (breakfast $10.00, lunch $18.00, evening $28.00).

Commissioners agreed that the allowance per diem for the commissioners appointed to serve on all boards outside of the normal county commission meetings as well as the per diem for planning and zoning commission members should be $25 plus mileage. Travel reimbursement rates for commission members will continue to follow state guidelines at $.42 per mile. If the state raises mileage during the year the county will follow suit.

Rates for in-state meals were set at $40 per day (breakfast $6, lunch $14 and evening $20) and out-of-state meals set at were set at $56 per day (breakfast $10, lunch $18 and evening $28).

The building permit fee was set at $50 and the 911 signage fee also remains at $50.

Fees for boarding prisoners in the Clay County Jail for other counties were set at $70 per day, or per contract. Fees for housing work release prisoners were set at $20 per day and the daily boarding rate at the jail was set at $15 per day.

The cost of adult electronic GPS monitoring for 2020 is $20 per day, with juvenile electronic GPS monitoring set at $10 per day.

Applicant fingerprinting will be $15 per two cards, the cost of mug shots was set at $8, the cost of UA tests will be $10, accident reports will cost $2 per page and other reports or printing e-mailed civil process to serve were set $2 per page for 2020.

The county commission agreed to hold its regular meetings the first, second and last Tuesdays of each month.

Commissioners approved SD Public Assurance Alliance as the county’s liability insurance and SDML for worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance coverage will continue to be offered to all county election workers listed on file in the county auditor’s office and to Clay County sheriff reserve deputies Shawn Fick, Matt Olson, Michael Smith and Dean Tompkins-Searcy.

Commissioners also approved a resolution that maintains the current election precincts/polling places for 2020.


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