Bobbie Moehring

Courtesy Photo Bobbie Moehring, a Mission Hill resident and a preschool teacher at Gayville-Volin, ran two marathons in the space of 14 days. She competed in the Berlin Marathon Sept. 29 and was scheduled to run in the Chicago Marathon last weekend.

You could say that Bobbie Moehring is really on the run these days.

The Gayville-Volin just finished the Berlin Marathon last weekend and will run in the Chicago Marathon Sunday, completing two marathons in two weeks on two continents.

Moehring started running while in the seventh grade at Elk Point-Jefferson. After high school, she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from South Dakota State University, where she ran cross country and track for four years. These days, Moehring lives in Mission Hill with her husband, Alan, and teaches preschool in the Gayville-Volin School District.

The Press & Dakotan asked her about her long-distance running and what keeps her going (literally).

How did you get interested in marathon running?

When I was a seventh grader was the first time I had heard of the Boston Marathon. I decided then I was going to run that someday. I accomplished that goal in April 2018. When I was training for that race, I heard about the Abbott World Marathon Majors, which is the Boston, Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo, London and New York marathons. That was my next goal. If you finish all six of the world majors, you get another medal as an Abbot Six Star Finisher.

In how many marathons have you participated?

The first marathon I ran was the Sioux Falls Marathon in September 2017. That one I ended up third place in the women’s division and ran a 3:18.58 which was a Boston Marathon qualifying time. Then, in April 2018, I ran the Boston Marathon in the cold, 30 mph wind and pouring rain, and I ran a 3:25:13. In June 2018, I ran the Grandma’s marathon in Duluth. Next, I did the Big Suhr Marathon along Highway 1 in California in April of 2019. Finally, I ran the Berlin Marathon (on Sept. 29).

Why take on this daunting challenge of running two marathons in two weeks, and on different continents?

Since I found out about the world majors, I had wanted to try and get one marathon a year. I knew I had qualified for Chicago, but Berlin’s was a lottery. It was either for sure run only Chicago and maybe get into Berlin, (but) I ended up getting into both. So, by October, I will be halfway done with the world majors!

How did the Berlin Marathon go and what are your thoughts on the Chicago Marathon next week?

The Berlin Marathon was the biggest race I have done yet. There was close to 47,000 runners total and 13,290 women, and out of that, I ended up 389th running a 3:15.28. There was never a time in the race that I was alone, and my family was able to cheer me on four times since it was a loop through Berlin. It did end up raining and being pretty cold for the last half of the race, so my legs were really tight. I was pretty sore for the next three days, so Chicago could be interesting. I am not as concerned with my time — just going to enjoy the run!

Would you do this again and would you recommend this to others?

I don’t think I would do these exact races again, just because I don’t want to run the same race twice. I would definitely say the Berlin race is an awesome experience and would recommend it!

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