Tommy Bolin Guitar

Pictured is the USA Tommy Bolin Tribute Teaser Model electric guitar., part of the collections of the National Music Museum, Vermillion, that will be installed as a ‘Pop-Up Museum’ exhibit at the Dakota Brickhouse in Vermillion on Dec. 4.

Vermillion, S.D. — On Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 7:30 p.m., at the Dakota Brickhouse in Vermillion, the National Music Museum (NMM) will install a ‘Pop-Up Museum’ exhibit of one of their most recent instrument acquisitions: a guitar commemorating late famed rocker Tommy Bolin, virtuoso 70’s guitarist and Sioux City native.

The exhibit installation coincides with the 43th anniversary of his death. Bolin, who died at the height of his acclaim, on Dec. 4, 1976, was lead guitarist for iconic British band Deep Purple and had also played with rock groups Zephyr, America Standard, Energy, and the James Gang, in addition to his own Tommy Bolin Band. The public is invited to attend this exhibit-installation of the NMM’s USA Tommy Bolin Tribute Teaser Model electric guitar, while taking in some of Bolin’s music.

Local guitarist and Bolin contemporary T. Wilson King will play several Bolin songs on the NMM’s guitar and speak briefly about Bolin and his connection to this region. Sioux City businessman Scott Wilcox, donor of the guitar, will also be present, to be introduced and thanked by the museum. The event will culminate with the placement of the guitar in an NMM display case at the Brickhouse.

This temporary exhibit is the eighth ‘Pop-Up Museum’ installed by NMM in South Dakota, designed to showcase the museum’s wide-ranging instrument collection while the museum building itself is closed for expansion construction. NMM Pop-Ups in Vermillion are also at City Hall, McVicker Plaza/VCDC, the Edith Siegrist Public Library, Sanford Medical Center, USD’s Wagner Alumni Center, and the Coffee Cup Travel Plaza.

This NMM event is informal and open to all. People are encouraged to enjoy a night out in honor of an iconic musician and his enduring guitar legacy.


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