Architect's Sketch

This architect’s sketch from last April gave the Vermillion School Board an idea of how a new addition to Vermillion High School may appear when completed. The board accepted bids from a variety of contractors in late November.

The Vermillion School District’s plans to construct a new addition onto Vermillion High School will keep the employees of 15 different construction firms busy once the work begins.

Sealed bids from contractors wishing to take part in the construction of the new $2.4 million addition onto Vermillion High School were received Tuesday, Nov. 26 and opened on at 2 p.m. that day.

“We had a total of 50 qualified bidders on the 16 individual bid packages and we had qualified bidders on each bid package,” Mike Jamison of Puetz Construction told the Vermillion School Board at its regular Dec. 9 meeting in the Al Neuharth Media Center on the campus of the University of South Dakota.

Virtually every company that was awarded the bid to construct some aspect of the new addition was the low bidder.

“After the bid opening, we reached out to all of the apparent low bidders to review the project’s scope and confirm that they were comfortable with their bid and were comfortable also with moving forward,” Jamison said at the Dec. 9 meeting. “We did have one bidder … that asked to be removed from consideration. They had an error in their bid so we went to the next low bidder. I think the difference in cost was about $4,000.”

Bids were awarded to these companies as they are identified on a bid analysis document reviewed by board members Dec. 9.

The general construction work will be done by a company identified only as Telinghuisen on the document. They submitted the low base bid of $363,000. They also submitted alternate bids for exterior canopies totaling $12,500, casework totaling $3,800 and phased project totaling $3,300 that brings the company’s total bid to $382,600.

Earthwork for the project will be done by First Rate Excavate, which submitted the low bid of $146,000.

The site concrete work was awarded to WS Construction. Its low bid totals $100,200.

M&L Masonry is the firm that was chosen to do the project’s masonry work. It submitted the low bid of $263.200.

The gypsum wall systems of the addition will be constructed by Tri State Drywall, which submitted the low base bid of $94,200. It also submitted an alternate bid of $1,900 for the new addition’s exterior canopies and another alternate bid of $2,100 for an alternate identified as “phased project.” This alternate will allow people access to a vestibule that would run through the new addition.

Guarantee Roofing will install the new addition’s roof. It submitted a low base bid of $$182,230, with a $2,500 alternate for the exterior canopies.

A bid package for the project’s joint sealants was awarded to Reich Painting. The company submitted the low base bid of $8,035.

Storefronts and glazing of the new building addition will be installed by Heartland Glass, which was awarded the work after submitting the lowest base bid of $112,500.

Tiling will be installed by Syverson Tile. The company’s low bid totals $15,797.

Acoustical ceilings will be put in place in the new addition by Gemini Acoustical. It submitted a base bid of $11,575 to do the work.

A company identified as CID was awarded the bid for the new structure’s flooring. Its base bid totals $32,000.

Paint and coatings will be done by Reich Painting, the same firm that was awarded the joint sealants bid package. The company’s low bid for the painting work is $17,217.

Fire sprinklers will be installed in the new addition by Building Sprinkler. Its low base bid totals $16,500.

The project’s plumbing will be done by Hander Plumbing. The company’s low base bid totals $182,823.

The new addition’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) work will be done by Baete Forseth. The company was awarded the work after submitting a low base bid of $179,925 and a $250 bid for the phase project alternate.

Electrical work has been awarded to Electric Construction. It submitted a low base bid of $181,222, and alternate bids of $1,200 for the project’s exterior canopies, and $850 for the casework.

The construction costs from just the base bids totals $1,879,424. The document also adds “general conditions” totaling $227,347 to that amount, bringing the construction subtotal to $2,106,771.

TSP, of Sioux Falls, is the project’s architectural firm. The architecture subtotal of the project is $144,000.

The school board hired Puetz Corporation, a firm based in Mitchell, to serve as the construction manager of the proposed building addition last September.

Construction management fees are $83,849.49 with a pre-construction fee of $6,000, bringing the construction management subtotal to $89,849.49.

The project contingency of 5 percent totals $105,338.55 and brings the total base cost of the project to $2,445,959.04.

The various alternates, such as casework and exterior canopies, plus excavation and use of engineered fill bring the total cost of the new addition to $2,475,489.36. The board also decided last month to include alternates for radiant heat panels that had originally been left out. The heat panel alternates total $23,760, bringing the final total to $2,499,249.36.

The new addition to the high school will include offices for the superintendent, the school business manager and administrative staff.

It will also include an office for the school resource officer, conference rooms, storage space and a large classroom for alternative school students.

For approximately 35 years, administrative offices have been located in downtown Vermillion, in a building leased by the school district.

The revenue to pay for the construction will come from the district’s capital outlay funds, which also finances all of the improvements to other school district buildings.

Superintendent Damon Alvey noted at an earlier meeting that the new addition will mean fewer facilities for the district to manage and less travel between buildings. It would also provide opportunities, with more individuals being under one roof, to deploy people to take on other jobs or take on more responsibilities.

Last September, Jamison convinced the board to delay the start of construction of the new addition to the spring of 2020. Waiting until after this winter, he estimated, would save the district about 4 to 5 percent in construction costs.

It is estimated that if all goes smoothly, the new addition’s construction could be complete by December 2020.


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