Clay County reported one new COVID-19 positive test and Yankton County reported four new COVID-19 positive tests in the state’s daily update Friday.

The new case gives Clay County 12 known cases total, of which eight are recovered. Community spread in Clay County is minimal to moderate. There have been no COVID-19-related deaths in Clay County, but one person has been hospitalized.

Yankton County now has 38 known cases total, of which 26 are recovered. Yankton County has reported nine new positive tests in the past week and Clay County has reported three new cases since last Friday, May 8.

Charles Mix County (Lake Andes) also reported one new case, giving it eight known cases total.

Overall, South Dakota reported 95 new positive tests Friday, giving the state 3,887 known cases. A total of 27,414 cases have been processed to date, with a test infection rate of 14.1 percent.

One new death was reported in Minnehaha County (Sioux Falls). The state total is now 44.

Six more people were hospitalized, raising the number to South Dakotans hospitalized during the pandemic to 296. Of those, 80 are currently hospitalized.

The number of recovered cases in the state rose to 2,574. Active cases Friday were listed at 1,268, a decline of 44 from Thursday.

Area South Dakota county statistics in terms of positive tests, recovered cases and negative tests are listed below. Hospitalizations are put in parentheses where applicable:

• Bon Homme County — 4 positive tests / 4 recovered cases / 135 negative tests (1 ever hospitalized)

• Charles Mix — 8 / 5 / 135 (5)

• Clay — 12 / 8 / 223 (1)

• Douglas — 1 / 1 / 41

• Hutchinson — 3 / 3 / 129

• Turner — 19 / 17 / 186 (2)

• Union — 57 / 39 / 322 (2)

• Yankton — 38 / 26 / 598 (2)

COVID Update for May 14: Four New Deaths Reported In Both South Dakota, Nebraska

South Dakota recorded four new deaths in the latest COVID-19 daily updates Thursday.

The four new deaths in South Dakota came from Minnehaha County, which now has 38 of the 43 deaths in the state.

South Dakota reported 60 new positive tests Thursday, giving it 3,792 known cases. There were 569 tests processed for a daily test infection rate of 10.5 percent.

Nine more South Dakotans were reported hospitalized, with 85 people currently hospitalized. The total number of hospitalizations during the pandemic is 290.

The number of recovered cases is 2,437, with 1,312 cases considered active.

During a media briefing Thursday, state epidemiologist Josh Clayton responded to a question by saying there are almost certainly more infections in the state than statistics may show.

“We are doing symptoms-based testing to help identify cases (but) we do know there are individuals that develop COVID-19 illness but do not develop symptoms,” he said. “So there is a level of infection out in the general community that is not reflected in our case numbers.”

Locally, Yankton County reported one new positive test, bringing the county’s total to 34. The county’s number of recovered cases stands at 26. There have been 616 total tests process from the county for a test infection are of 5.5 percent.

Clay County’s positive test total remained at 11 Thursday.

Yankton County now ranks sixth in the state in terms of known cases. Minnehaha County has 3,050, followed by Lincoln (Canton) with 195, Brown (Aberdeen) with 154, Union (Elk Point) with 47 and Pennington (Rapid City) with 40.

One new case was reported in Union County Thursday.

Charles Mix County (Lake Andes) also reported a new positive test, bringing its total to seven.


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