City Of Vermillion

The Vermillion City Council Monday amended an emergency ordinance with a resolution that will allow city businesses affected by the ordinance to reopen, to some extent, if it follows a long laundry-list of conditions.

The resolution became effective immediately after it was approved Monday. It will allow bars, restaurants, beauty salons, barbers and other businesses that were closed March 30 by an emergency COVID-19 ordinance to reopen immediately if these rules are followed:

a. Establish a minimum six-foot distance between any tables, chairs, and barstools. This provision does not need to be observed between members of the same household.

b. Restaurants, bars, and video lottery casino operations shall be limited to a maximum of 10 customers or a capacity of 33 percent of their maximum posted capacity, whichever is greater.

c. All businesses will identify their occupancy allowance and post it in a conspicuous location for customers entering the building.

d. All restaurants and bars shall dispose of, or disinfect, all menus before and after use by each customer. Condiment containers shall be cleaned/disinfected between each group and shall not be shared among multiple groups. Salad bars and self-service buffets shall not be permitted.

e. Recreation and fitness businesses shall limit customers based on available square footage. A maximum of 10 customers or a capacity of 33 percent of their posted capacity.

f. Encourage social distance spacing while waiting for service or entry into a business. Businesses may accomplish this by requiring people to remain in their vehicles.

g. Install a plexiglass, or similar divider where physically possible between the cashier and the customer.

h. Require employees to wash hands at regular intervals.

i. Food service employees must wear a mask when serving dine-in patrons which covers the employee’s nose and mouth.

j. In video lottery casinos operations, machines must be cleaned and disinfected between each customer.

k. Employees of hair salons, nail salons, spa, and barber shops must wear masks which cover their nose and mouth during customer contact times. Customers must be seated at least six feet apart.

l. In gyms and fitness facilities, any equipment and/or exercise mats must be cleaned or disinfected between each use. Customers should be separated by at least six feet when using machines or equipment.

m. Customer seating in theaters and similar businesses shall be reduced for social distancing with certain seats marked as “not available due to social distancing guidelines” to ensure compliance.

n. Businesses shall publicly post a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

o. Businesses are encouraged to conduct daily employee screenings for illness.

p. Businesses are encouraged to post signage outside of their facility that encourages customers to not enter if they are not feeling well or have COVID-19 symptoms.

q. Businesses are encouraged to develop risk mitigation strategies for restrooms or other areas where social distancing requirements are likely to be compromised.

r. Certain businesses (e.g. a gym, recreation facility, video lottery casino, etc.) are encouraged to have customers wipe down their equipment/machines before and after use. However, it will still be the responsibility of the business to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting is occurring.

s. Businesses, particularly salons, barber shops, and spas are encouraged to provide service on an appointment-only basis to ensure proper social distancing and hygiene practices are met.


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