June PRIDE Employee

Pictured are Jeff Berens, CNO and June PRIDE Employee of the Month, Debiene Lewis, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

VERMILLION,SD Debiene “Dee Lewin, CNA,CareCenter, Sanford Vermillion, was selected as the June 2019 Sanford Vermillion PRIDE Employeeofthe Month. Shehas been employed with SanfordsinceDecember 2018.


Nominations forDebieneincluded the following:

Dee, you’re kind, efficient and awesome!Thank you forhelping another hall in need without being asked!!Thanks for yourtimepicking upshifts! Yoursmile lights up theroom!


Deeis suchahard working employee.  She is always willing to offer help,shesees what needstoget done and does it with grace and asmile.  Shehas uplifted the environment and helped tosecure continuityinmany areas of theCareCenter.  She is a gem.


“You knowwhenDeecomes to work its all abouttheresidents.  Sheis a great asset toourteam and culture of theCareCenter,” commentsGayle Matzke, Director of Nursing, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.


Debieneisa native of Jamaica and currently resides in Vermillion. Deehas onedaughter.  In her spare time, she likes to spend timewith loved ones.


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