Employee Of The Year

Ethan Paul and Paul Kleeman, both supported employment specialists at SESDAC, Inc. in Vermillion, congratulate Vanessa Kreil after she was presented the Employee of the Year Award at a Tuesday luncheon held in the Al Neuharth Media Center on the University of South Dakota campus. Vanessa has been employed at Aramark on the USD campus for several years. The luncheon was hosted by SESDAC, Inc. to honor both employers and employees involved with the organization’s Supported Employment Program in Vermillion.

A Tuesday luncheon held at the Al Neuharth Media Center turned out to be a special time for Vanessa Kreil.

Vanessa, an eight-year employee of Aramark, the food service at the University of South Dakota, received Employee of the Year honors at the luncheon. The award was presented by Ethan Taylor and Paul Kleeman, both supported employment specialists at SESDAC, Inc.

Vanessa, one of many people who are supported by SESDAC, Inc. for her employment needs, was praised during the presentation for her dedicated spirit and the hard work she provides each day.

The luncheon also honored Pump ‘N Stuff of Vermillion as Employer of the Year. The award was also presented by Taylor and Kleeman.

Keynote speaker at the event was Nate Welch, CEO of the Vermillion Chamber and Development Company.

“I’m always touched when I meet individuals who are committed to their jobs,” he told the luncheon audience made up of local employers and local SESDAC, Inc.-supported individuals who fill important jobs throughout the community. “Whether they have the joy and responsibility of having an exciting job of getting to talk to CEOs and attract them to our community, or whether they have the responsibility of serving one another – each and every job that we do is an amazing honor that we have.

“Whether you are signing the front of a check or the back of a check, you have an opportunity to provide purpose to each other,” Welch said. “I really applaud each and every one of you for being able to participate in that, for being able to show up to work on time, for being able to ask what you can do to help your organization, to be able to give purpose and direction to individuals as they continue to move forward.”


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