As spring turns to summer, the Vermillion community comes alive with artistic outlets for locals. The South Dakota Shakespeare Festival (SDSF) brings the iconic bard’s work to the masses as it stages a full production in Prentis Park. The previous two productions, As You Like It (2012) and Taming of the Shrew (2014) were both comedies, so the company decided that it was time to bring one of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies to the public.

Macbeth, probably the most historically superstitious show, is on the playbill for 2015. Supposedly, there are real witches’ spells inside the text of the play, and as a result, many actors refuse to say the name of Macbeth, the main character for fear that bad things will befall the production. There are several ways to counter the curse, including spinning three times in place, spitting over your left shoulder, and uttering an obscenity or leaving the room, knocking three times, and being invited back to the theatre.

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