To survive the past year, the Packard-Lockheart family of Vermillion has been getting creative, producing new works of art that express their individual takes on pandemic life, self-expression, and today’s realities. An exhibition of the artwork, which includes weavings, paintings, and photographs produced by four family members, is currently on display at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.

The show, entitled “75% Packard, 25% Lockheart,” features work by Vermillion weaver Phyllis Packard; her daughter, painter Ahna Packard; her son, Vermillion photographer Aaron Packard; and Aaron’s wife, painter Klaire Lockheart.

“The Packard/Lockheart family offers an extraordinary opportunity to look at the professional work of several family members working as professional artists,” said show curator Cody Henrichs. “The works are related in the sense of familial relationship, yet still exemplify the true complexity of artistic pursuit by remaining entirely unique.”

Nearly all of the work in the show was created during the past year by these artists. On exhibit are woven tapestries created by Phyllis Packard, who has been creating intricate fiber art for more than 50 years. Many of the weavings depict the Vermillion landscape, including colorful interpretations of the night sky.

Ahna Packard’s work, meanwhile, features brightly colored acrylic portraits of machinery. Ahna, who grew up in Vermillion and attended the University of South Dakota (as did the three other family members), now lives in Nebraska where she is an interior and product design assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Kearney.

Aaron Packard, visual editor at the University of South Dakota who also runs a photography studio in town, contributed his “Epically Masked” photography series to the Pavilion show. Aaron also collaborated with his wife, Klaire Lockheart, to create postapocalyptic themed photographs, which are on display for the first time in this show. Some of the photography on display won Honorable Mention from the International Photography Awards. Aaron created most of the photographs in Vermillion.

Balancing out the Pavilion exhibition is work by Lockheart. Lockheart, who is an adjunct instructor for Morningside College in Sioux City, debuts in the show several oil on canvas paintings that depict lounging men in their man caves.

It’s an interesting and diverse show, admit family members.

“This is a strong art show filled with paintings, weavings, and photographs,” said Lockheart. “We are all pleased to display our work as a family. … Even though we each create very different work, I am constantly inspired and encouraged to create new artwork.”

“I am so delighted that others get to see what I experience on a regular basis - an amazing family of artists!” Phyllis Packard said.

The 75% Packard, 25% Lockheart exhibit will be on display in the Jerstad Gallery at the Washington Pavilion through May 30. If you can’t view the show in person, Aaron Packard has created a way to view it from home.

“In addition to displaying his artwork in this exhibition, Aaron C. Packard created an immersive 360 degree tour of the 75% Packard 25% Lockheart,” Lockheart said. “This virtual exhibition is available for everyone to view at:”

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