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Arts in Health Interns, musician Xiola Etherington and dancer, Lindsay Seier host a music event for residents and staff at Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

Ariadne (Ari) Albright and Lindsay Seier will be representing Vermillion at the third annual Arts in Health conference for the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH).

The conference will be Sept. 17-19 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

Albright, the art program coordinator at Sanford Vermillion Medical Center since 2013, is one of the founding board members of NOAH.

"A primary focus of the National Organization of Arts in Health is to support the professionalization of artists working in healthcare," Albright said. "These efforts add to the arts in health programming in our region and as well training provided at USD with their Arts in Health certificate program."

Albright will have an active role in the conference in September.

"As chair of the professionalization committee, I present with my committee members on the uses of the code of ethics and standards of Arts in Health professionals, which NOAH endorsed in 2018," Albright said. Albright is also part of the leadership team responsible for providing updates on writing the core curriculum for artists working in healthcare.

According to Albright, the College of Fine Arts at USD has been very supportive about developing classes, recruiting students and helping find employment opportunities in healthcare.

And she is pleased with the internship opportunities available through Sanford Health and other organizations in the area.

"Lindsay Seier is our current Arts in Health intern. She is well-suited for our arts program at Sanford Vermillion's long-term care facility. She is a compassionate and hard-working fine art student at USD, and former dance instructor for the Vermillion Area Dance Organization (VADO)," Albright said. "Lindsay was awarded a NOAH scholarship to attend the conference in Boston this September."

Seier is looking forward to the conference.

"I'm most excited about learning more about what's going on nationally in the arts in health field. I want to bring back ideas and information that makes my creative work at Sanford even more positive," Seier said. "And I can advocate for this field with students and my classmates, sharing my experience of the power art has to help others."

According to the NOAH press release, during the conference, there will be tours highlighting the Boston arts in health community, keynote speakers, luncheons, expo events, and opportunities to connect. "Designed for artists, arts administrators, healthcare professionals, designers, educators, students and anyone looking for more education related to arts in health," the press release says. "The conference brings together a diverse group of individuals from a broad range of healthcare backgrounds to exchange ideas and build relationships.

Seier, who aspires to work in arts and health, is excited about the connections she will make at the conference as she is considering graduate school.

"I look forward to meeting artists, dance therapists, arts administrators, professors, and leaders in arts in health that can help me with my professional goals," she said.

Whatever Seier's future in the field, she stated that she is very pleased with what Vermillion has offered her on her educational path.

"Vermillion has honestly been such a great spot," she stated. "I am very blessed, that's for sure."

Seier said she has had many touching experiences during her internship. "I'm loving it; I couldn't have asked for a better job."

Albright has seen arts programming - pioneered by Sanford Health - expanding in our region. “People are looking to the arts for wellness in their communities." She said.

As the interest in the arts in health expands, Albright said there is always room for volunteers who want to get involved. "We welcome the creative interests of students, volunteers and artists and teach them how to share them with our residents safely," she said. "There's room for everybody, honestly, even those who identify as non-creative. It's just about the right attitude, training, and willingness. We'll find a place for you."

For more information on the arts in Sanford Health or volunteer opportunities, send an email to; visit the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center; or visit her website,


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