South Dakota’s post-holiday COVID-19 surge continued Friday as new and active cases both saw big increases in the update from the Department of Health (DOH).

Meanwhile, seven of the eight South Dakota counties in the Yankton area saw double-digit increases in new infections.

The DOH posted 1,944 new cases, while active cases jumped to 15,927 (+1,572).

On the other hand, current hospitalizations dropped by four to 301. There were 29 new hospitalizations.

Two new COVID-related deaths were reported, raising the pandemic toll to 2,522. No new fatalities were reported in the Yankton area.

The seven-day test-positivity rate climbed to 30.1%, It had been at 12.3% on the final report before Christmas.

Locally, the eight area South Dakota counties saw 164 new cases.

Yankton County added 44 new infections and recorded 23 recoveries, raising the number of active cases to 451. Three new COVID-related hospitalizations were reported. According to the DOH online portal, seven COVID cases were reported at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital with four cases in intensive care, while the South Dakota Human Services Center had five hospitalized COVID cases.

Case reports from other area South Dakota counties included: Bon Homme County, +16; Charles Mix County, +18; Clay County, +35; Douglas County, +3; Hutchinson County, +16; Turner County, +12; and Union County, +20.

Here is a list of active COVID-19 cases in the eight area South Dakota counties as of Friday, with the difference from Thursday, Dec. 30, along with the percent of increase, shown in parentheses: Bon Homme County, 148 (+71, +92.2%); Charles Mix County, 157 (+64, +68.8%); Clay County, 246 (+141, +134.2%); Douglas County, 33 (+9, +37.5%); Hutchinson County, 133 (+41, +44.5%); Turner County, 136 (+61, +81.3%); Union County, 230 (+143, +164.3%); and Yankton County, 451 (+152, +50.8%).

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