This week has been pretty stressful for a lot of folks, so we wanted to take a moment to reach out and check in. How are you doing right now? You can call or email us and we will absolutely respond to you. We really care and want to know how you are.

All of our staff are working hard to make sure we keep information flowing to you. With all the disinformation and misinformation floating around during this pandemic, it’s become of the utmost importance to make sure our readers and advertisers get the clear truth in their daily news. We’re here to support the American cause by being on the front lines of the all-consuming information war right now.

We’re so grateful for you and thankful for your support of the Plain Talk and Broadcaster. So, reach out to us if you like even if it's just to say hello!

Gary L. Wood

Owner and Publisher, Broadcaster Press and Vermillion Plain Talk


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