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A two-week mask mandate will begin Monday at Vermillion Middle School, Vermillion High School and on all Vermillion school buses as COVID-19 positive cases in those two buildings have surpassed the case threshold built into the school district’s Return To School Plan.

This news was shared in an announcement sent to parents Friday afternoon by school administrators.

The latest positive COVID-19 numbers are three in Austin Elementary, three in Jolley Elementary, six in the middle school and 10 in the high school.

“We are at or past our threshold for cases at both the middle school and the high school,” the announcement states, “thus we will begin a two-week mask mandate at those schools and on all buses on Monday, Jan 10.

“With increased spread in our community we ask that you continue to watch your child's health and keep them home if they are ill, have a fever, or have symptoms after exposure,” the announcement states. “Also, contact the school and your health care provider if you take an at home covid test so we can have accurate numbers of infections. The school continues to test and provide at home tests.”

During a special meeting Thursday afternoon, the Vermillion School Board approved changes to the Return to School Plan which updates the district’s plan to be similar to the new CDC guidelines. A positive covid case must isolate for five days and may return on day six through 10 and wear a mask. Students must be symptom-free to return.

The school board will discuss other Return to School Plan items at Monday's school board meeting.

Parents are urged to have masks available in the event they are needed at their childs’ school.

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