Nancy Rasmussen

The 94th Legislative Session is over but work of the Legislature during the interim continues.

Statutory Committees are as follows:

. Ag Land Assessment Task Force

. Appropriations

. Bonding

. Code Commission

. Executive Board

. GOAC (Government Operations and Audit Committee

. Retirement Law

. Rules Review

. State Tribal Relations

2019 Legislative Acts are:

. SB 3 is to create a Special Education Interim Legislative Committee.

. SB 4 is tasked to revise certain provisions regarding the classification of agricultural land for property tax purposes.

. SB 66 establish an Interim Legislative Committee to study issues related electric services in an annexed area.

. SB 167 a Legislative Study to study offenses regarding controlled substances.

. SCR 2 To provide for a Legislative Task Forces to study, report, develop and consider recommendations and propose legislation regarding sustainable improvements to the continuum of Mental Health Services available in the state. (The Executive Board of the LRC is hereby directed to establish Task Forces on the state of Mental Health Care in order to further the objectives described in this resolution. This will Include five separate task forces/subgroups to meet at least three times.)

On March 29, the Executive Board created two Legislative Interim Studies:

. Industrial Hemp Study.

. Study on Fighting Methamphetamine Addiction. (This will be a sub-group under SB 167.)

Meetings will be held in Pierre and are open to the public. Traveling to Pierre may be difficult as these meetings are held during the week, however the meetings are recorded and can be found on the South Dakota Legislative Research Council website. The meetings will be listed on the SDLRC homepage.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the information above, please contact me.


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