To the editor:

People of Vermillion, your governor did not close the state but your city council and unelected mayor have closed Vermillion.

Do you want it to change? I do. I want the parks and pools open.

Thankfully, the restaurant owners had some guts and talked about suing the City of Vermillion if they weren’t allowed to open.

Now is the time to contact your city council and mayor and inform them of the 98% survival rate of the unwanted Chinese export. It dies at 89F, does not live on surfaces. (CDC Website).

I am told no one has contacted the city council to ask questions. I did a couple weeks ago. Howard Willson explained they budget 125K loss for the pool and with the present scenario it is now 25k more.

Regular meetings are the 1st and 3rd Monday at 7pm at City Hall.

Unelected Mayor – Kelsey Collier-Wise 605-624-5354

Howard Willson 605-670-1255

Katherine Price 605-610-1393

Julia Hellwege 605-777-0471

Rich Holland 605-351-9826

Steve Ward – VP

We can get creative, start a volunteer pool committee, have fundraisers, pass the hat, Do NOT FEAR.

Use logical thinking. Attending church services is questioned or forbidden still in areas but protestors and rioters can gather freely.

Pools are open in Beresford, Elk Point, Orange City and Sioux City and Other places I am sure. Parks are also open. South Dakota’s motto is Under God the People Rule. We need to elect people who will reflect our thoughts and needs.

Leaders, please let the people decide about their liberty. If you are immune compromised, please be safe. Open up and let the people decide. Tax payers pay for the services of the library, park, pools and recycling. Is there going to be a rebate on our bills? Please think logically about this.


Nancy Foster



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