To The Editor:

Hooray, Vermillion. The pandemic is over! At least, it seems to be, judging by the behavior of the people who live here. But, how can it be over, when the number of COVID-19 cases just keeps going up?

Clay County has gone from minimal/moderate community spread to substantial in a matter of days. And yet, when I drive to the supermarket, I see crowds of maskless people -- students, parents, children -- thronging together without a care in the world. And without a thought in the world for others.

You certainly have the right to make yourselves sick, but you do not have the right to make me sick. I believe the City Council should make mask-wearing a requirement. It is one of the proven ways to protect against all you asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic virus shedders. This isn't about you. It's about those around you.

And nobody is violating your Constitutional rights either. You obey laws all the time. Traffic laws, for example, without complaining about your Constitutional rights. At least, I hope you do. It's about keeping the community safe from a virus that has killed over 117,400 people in the USA alone. Don't be self-centered and stupid. Be kind, thoughtful and considerate. Wear a mask.


Vicky Winteringham



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