To the editor:

Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day which was formally called Decoration Day. This is a day we remember and honor persons who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

This day originated following the Civil War. Veterans and families have been observing this special day for 151 years, teaching their children patriotism by showing respect to those who gave all to protect our freedoms.

Yes, this is considered the start of summer, a good weekend to go to the lake or other places, but let us not forget the thousands who made this all possible. Visit a cemetery with your family, say a prayer together for those Killed In Action (KIAs) and those Missing In Action (MIAs) who do not have a grave site, whose families do not know where they may be.

As a member of the Society of 40 Men and 8 Horses, which is comprised of those who honorably served and those active serving members of the US Armed Forces during Wars and Conflicts for the safety of the world, we promise to be present at all Memorial Services and funerals of our comrades. We pledge to hold Memorial Day sacred to the memories of our departed comrades.

This is a day that holds many sad memories for many veterans and families, but we are grateful for knowing and serving with those who have laid down their lives in serving their country.

Eternal God, Supreme Commander of us all, we ask Your blessings in all humility on all who have served in peace as well as war. We bow before You with reverent hearts, knowing that You lead us on in death, as You do in life. Mindful of service nobly done, You have called them to everlasting rest and to eternal peace. Accept the pledges of our hearts and make us mindful of service nobly done and finally, may that service of our departed Comrades to our communities, our states and our nation, inspire us to continue in service to You and mankind. Amen

Preston R. Olson

Chef de Gare (Commander)

Grand du SD Voiture 180


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