One hundred and one years ago, at 1100-hour Nov. 11, 1918, the guns fell silent after World War 1, Armistice. Armistice Day Officially became Veterans Day in 1954.

Two days each year we honor veterans, Memorial Day we honor those who died. For me, those who were (KIA) Killed in Action and those veterans who died later in life from other causes. I know we will never know the many things they took to the graves with them nor would we really care to know.

Veterans Day is for the living veterans. Many veterans have problems other than physical wound, but we are a tough bunch and can handle everything ourselves. Ninety-nine years ago, after World War l they didn’t think they could handle things alone, so “The Society of 40 Men and 8 Horses” (The 40 and 8) was organized as a fun organization for fellowship with fellow comrades. Why? Because many were broke, had no jobs, girl friends had left them, and we could add many more reasons they needed the camaraderie of their fellow veterans.

Along with fellowship, for 95 years we have been helping children through our “Child Welfare” programs and since 1960 we have helped over 60,000 individuals become nurses with scholarships.

Today the 40 and 8 could add much to the lives of many more veterans. By you joining us we can help you and you can help us, and together we can help other veterans, nurses, children and our communities. All veterans gave some toward our freedom and some gave all.

Thousand would join us if they could. Thousand could join us if they would.

Let us all reach out to all veterans this Veterans Day and throughout the year. We appreciate it.

Preston R. Olson USN 1958-1961

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

40 and 8 Chef de Gare (Commander) Voiture (Group) 180


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