Nancy Rasmussen

Greetings to you from Pierre. Legislation is making the rounds from Committee to Chamber with increasing numbers. I put forth 3 bill and 1 resolution last week.

HB 1175 is an act to define dyslexia for the purposes of special education and related services.

HB 1201 is an act to provide for the distribution of a list of possible reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities.

HB 1171 is an act to require commercial pesticide applicators to maintain proof of financial responsibility.

HR 7001 a resolution, to ensure the existence of a healthy, sustainable equine population.

I will know sometime this week which committee my bills will be assigned to.

House Judiciary passed HB 1092 out of committee last week and will be debated soon on the House Floor. HB 1092 would ban commercial surrogacy but would not ban altruistic surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is against the law in 26 countries. HB 1012 and HB 1013 corrected technical oversights in reference to code.

House Education listened to our State Treasurer present HB 1062. I encourage all to listen to his innovative idea’s on financial education and how we could help all citizens address financial responsibility and planning.

Vermillion hosted a Legislative Cracker Barrel Saturday morning. About 80 people attended and a variety of issues and emotional debates ensured. Thank you for everyone who attended!

Appropriations Committee members continue to work diligently on Legislative recommendations to the budget. Funding is needed in so many area’s within our state!

Please watch or listen to the daily proceedings if you can. I look forward to another full and hopefully positive week.


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