To the editor:

I had an interesting experience the other day. A plastic bag got stuck in my furnace – the intake pipe outside the cellar pulled it in. When the repair guy showed it to me, I had to sit down. Why was I so surprised? We find plastic everywhere. I wondered, is this how a bird feels when plastic is stuck to its beak, a fish when it swims into a plastic bag? Are they as blown away as I was?

On this Earth Day, I sit on the porch wondering why the degradation of the earth keeps going on? Why don’t we have empathy for it? It’s not like this is the first Earth Day!

When we as a community think about what we want to do next (and there are some big decisions) let’s remember compassion for all of the people we confine, the children we educate, the business we conduct. There is no reason to put the future of the planet at risk when we know how to treat it better.

And as my Grandma would say, “For gosh sakes, just stop using plastic bags, please.”

Nancy Losacker



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