Nancy Rasmussen

The 4th Legislative week ended Friday with a press conference in which a few people labeled the 2020 Legislative Session as the Twilight Zone. Every year a variety of bills are introduced and each bill reflects the concerns and possible changes brought by many different people. Constituents, Governmental Agencies and Departments, the Governor as well as legislators. I think it is important for all of us to remember, not all bills are created equal, but all bills are treated equal.

The bills I addressed last week are now in the Senate. I chose a few bills to highlight that we will see this week:

House Education: HB 1157 provides for kindergarten enrollment options; HB 1173 address applications for open enrollment for autistic students; HB 1152 provide funding for school sentinel training

House Judiciary: HB 1077 establishes certain requirements regarding funeral processions; HB 1153 limit possession of knives in the capitol; HB 1101 addresses reinstating drivers licenses.

Health/Human Services: SB 50 revise certain provisions related to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This Senate Bill looks favorable. The vote was 7-0 in committee and 34-1 on the floor.

Transportation: HB 1150 increase annual assessment limits for certain maintenance and repair.

Taxation: HB 1159 revise provisions regarding the referral of opt outs by school districts.

House State Affairs: HCR 5001 Convention of States, Article V.

The following bills have passed committees and we will address on the House Floor: HB 1067 drone surveillance protections; HB 1008 legalize the growth of hemp; HB 1099 allow counties to increase a half cent sales and use tax to fund county structures.

I will carry a constituent bill this week in House Agriculture. HB 1171 require commercial pesticide applicators to maintain proof of financial responsibility.

The University of South Dakota visited the capitol this week. Veronica Knippling, the parliamentarian of FFA, shadowed me on Wednesday and was able to follow me to my committees in Education and Judiciary. I wish to thank Grace Kock, a senior from Parker High School for the service she provided for myself and District 17 for the past two weeks. You were a great help and a wonderful page!

Thank you for reading my Legislative notes. Don’t for get to keep in touch. Until next week, keep safe and warm.


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