Dear Editor:

We believe voters need answers to a number of questions in considering the courthouse bond issue on the June 8 ballot. These questions are important to all voters in Clay County, rural and in our towns and townships. We ask that voters please discuss these with local leaders - county, township, and municipal.

Does saying “We are not going to tear down the historic courthouse” mean the same as “We’ll fix the historic courthouse some to sell it and let the new owner decide whether to tear it down or not,” or could there be particular motives within or behind these unanswered questions? How can we assure the preservation of this iconic building listed on the National Register of Historic Places?

Vote NO on the $41-million bond issue because, among the many unknowns, it is clear that the ballot question will not guarantee the preservation of our handsome, historic courthouse.

Vote NO so we can propose a clear and detailed alternative to finding an acceptable way to build a new jail sufficient to serve the needs of our county. Let’s build a new jail with a better, clear plan. Vote NO on June 8.

Where should the jail be located? There has been no publicly announced location, and there are no answers to many other questions. Has someone possibly already expressed an interest in selling land for this? Has someone already expressed an interest in buying the historic building, without the desire or intent to preserve and protect it? What might be the motives behind the unknown information? Are there conflicts of interest regarding the purchase of land? There seem to be too many mysteries.

Let’s start anew. Vote NO. We can all work together with our county commission members to follow the wishes of we, the people. Thank you kindly.


Tom & Mary Sorensen

Vermillion, Clay County


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