To the editor:

Should we or should we not, that is, build more school buildings?

That has been the question for decades. We have gone from educating our children in our homes to wonderful structures that our ancestors couldn't even imagine.

Fortunately, there were some future looking people in our community who felt it was best to have a special building for the students in their seeking to become educated.

That building, built in 1874, just happened to be the first permanent school building in Dakota Territory and in the city of Vermillion.

As the population increased, and the desire for all children to be educated, proved the need to build more and larger buildings.

We, as a community and our school board chose to have buildings that accommodate the needs of our children. Many issues have to be addressed in order to have “well educated” students. Class size, meaning how many students per classroom should be allowed for the best academic experience, is one. Because the board had regulations for that, sometimes Music and or Art had to sacrifice their rooms to keep the class size regulation. At some point the stage for plays and programs was turned into a classroom. Eventually the buildings had to have additions built.

The district is facing problems again. We have increased in population, the old buildings need more than a makeover, and trying to do that would be very expensive and still not take care of what is needed. Taxes will increase. And we will grumble about it. But we as a community have never said “no” when it is the best option for our children, our grandchildren, and in my case, our great grandchildren.

I urge all of us to vote “YES” on the School Bond issue.

Donna Schafer



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