To the editor:

Only the words of our House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi provide reassurance to me at this time. She asserts most emphatically that the impeachment must be done in order to save our Republic and our democracy. I heartily agree. Yet, its frightening to hear the words of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. He says he plans to consult closely with the president on all procedures. What kind of an impeachment trial will that be? We dont even have knowledge as to whether witnesses desired by House Democrats will be allowed.

As Speaker Pelosi tells us: Our Founders suspected we might one day have a rogue president, but didnt anticipate we would have a president like Trump and a Senate leader like McConnell at the same time.

Apparently, there are two value systems in Republican theory and practice: 1) Republicans get to be seen as principled Democrats do not; 2) Republicans have the right to respect and deference Democrats do not; 3) Repubs get to call witnesses when Dem president is being impeached Democrats arent allowed to call witnesses when a Repub president is being impeached.

My take-away from this is that Republicans can and will commit unthinkable acts to maintain power. This includes foreign interference and encouraging acts of war even when those acts slowly eat away the foundations of our democratic covenant.

Dave L. Wegner

Sioux Falls


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