12:25 a.m. - Caller reported a man within a fenced area used for storing industrial equipment. Officers checked the area but were not able to locate the man.

1:42 a.m. - Caller reported being assaulted by her significant other and he was now fleeing. Officers located the vehicle and stopped the suspect. He was intoxicated and his license was suspended from a previous DWI. The man was arrested on multiple charges.

3:17 a.m. - Caller reported her daughter was being assaulted by the daughter's boyfriend. The boyfriend had fled before officers arrived. Based on the investigation a charge of assault was referred to the State's Attorney Office.

6:31 a.m. - Caller reported she had a warrant for her arrest out of Yankton County. An officer met with the woman who was arrested for the Yankton County Warrant.


12:13 a.m. - Caller reported her ex-boyfriend had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and was not vomiting and depressed. Officers responded and the ambulance responded. The man was found to be intoxicated but able to care for himself and denied medical treatment. No further action.

9:40 a.m. - Caller requested help getting to a shelter in a neighboring town. An officer contacted the subject who was working to get themselves and dependent children to a shelter. The officer made arrangement for housing and assisted with other plans to get the person on their way.



10:13 a.m. - A local business reported a theft that had occurred earlier in the day and was caught on video. Officers gathered the information and identified and interviewed the suspect, who was a juvenile. Charges were referred to the State's Attorney Office.

12:17 p.m. - Caller reported his wife was walking down the street after an argument and may be a danger to herself. Officers spoke to both parties. Clearly both parties were upset and had been arguing, but there nothing to indicate either was an immediate danger. No further action.

10:04 p.m. - An officer responded to a "Life Alert" pendant being activated. The officer contacted the owner who thought it was activated by her cat.


4:06 a.m. - An officer responded to a medical from a patient complaining of being anxious and unable to sleep. The officer stood by until the ambulance arrived.

9:04 a.m. - An officer stopped a vehicle for going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver was cited.

3:13 p.m. - Officers investigated one car non-injury accident where a commercial vehicle had hit a decorative pillar.



10:42 a.m. - Caller reported the location of a subject with warrants for his arrest. Officers located the man and arrested him on two warrants, one out of Minnehaha County and the other out of Lincoln County.

12:59 p.m. - An officer stopped a vehicle for doing 46 in a 35 mph zone. The driver was cited.

1:04 p.m. - Caller reported a vehicle driving with a possible drunk driver. An officer located the vehicle, which was driving erratically. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was intoxicated and did not have a valid driver's license. The driver was arrested.

7:35 p.m. - While on patrol, an officer saw a man who had a warrant for his arrest out of Clay County. The officer arrested the man on the warrant.

11:04 p.m. - Officers responded to a report of loud music coming from an apartment. Officers contacted the renters and saw marijuana and paraphernalia in the apartment. The occupants were cited and warned to turn the music down.


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