Albert S Aguirre

Albert S Aguirre, 40, left this world unexpectedly at his home on September 8, 2020. Leaving so many broken hearts with his passing. Wu-Tang Clan is most upset by this news, as Albert was their biggest, most loyal fan.

Albert was born in Tempe, AZ on March 30, 1980 to Albert & Natalie (Mace) Aguirre.

Albert started life with three languages being spoken around him. When he was ready to start taking (later than most children), he did so in three languages. He brought life to his Ukrainian great grandparents with his ability. He spent most of his time living in Phoenix, with two periods in California, returning to Arizona after each.

He was a typical child in many ways, mixing all of his mom’s make up together while she slept, getting so mad when he cried that he would stop breathing, waking up grumpy and had to be told to go back to bed a wake up on the right side of it. He took a trip to Zion Park with his grandmother and went up the hill without her, where she was unable to go. The rangers had to go bring him back. He grew up being the only nephew and grandchild for 15 years, knowing he was loved and the center of all the attention.

When Albert was 12 years old his mom moved him to Green River, Wyoming. This was a huge change in Alberts life. From Big City to Little Town. Albert made the best of it, while also making lifelong friends. His ability to adapt made it easy for him to over come the grief of not having a good place to get tacos close at hand. In Wyoming Albert found other loves. Hunting, Fishing, Four Wheeling, rafting down the Green River while shooting birds with an old rusty .22. From Painting his dog green with what he thought was washable paint to knocking the door off his moms shed with a huge ninja star, Albert could never run out of ideas for stuff to do or how to get into a little trouble.

In the next few years Albert would move back and forth between Wyoming, California, Arizona and even Utah. After starting his last year of school in Phoenix he decided that he’d had enough of the city and moved back to Wyoming.

In 1998 Albert made the move to Pierre, South Dakota to live with Dustin and his family. In Pierre he made some very special bonds. One of these bonds was with Vivian Lutz . Viv knew how to keep Albert in line, while also teaching him her secret salsa recipe. He was gainfully employed by Roger Inman at Culligan and could out lift anybody when it came to 50lb. salt bags.

From there Albert and took his journey to Vermillion, SD. Some college classes, a bit of studying, and a ton of social endeavors occurred. So many adventures occurred during this time. Satellite Dishes on the side of I-29, a stop along the interstate to see how fast the wind was blowing, a song composed with a bird, trips to the casino activating and maxing out the shiny new credit card all in the same night. He had adventures to numerous and probably too inappropriate to recount.

In 1999 Albert was introduced to Julie Johnson. They were married May 2, 2002 and enjoyed several years of marriage. They later celebrated their divorce over shots at the Main Street Pub. To this Union Tigger the Cat was adopted from the side of the road in Vermillion near their Pine Street Apartment.

While in Vermillion Albert worked at McDonalds for many years eventually working his way to management, after he left McDonalds, he went to work for Gehl. Albert always took pride in every position he was employed in, and would always rise to the top very quickly.

In 2007 Albert met someone who would become one of his closest friends. Whether it was hanging out at the Main Street Pub or just playing games at the house they were always having fun. Most memories of Albert were not planned, just spur of the moment; such as a trip to Sioux Falls to get tacos, or a trip to Chicago for a rare beer release only to find out they had the wrong day.

Albert was always there to talk whenever his friends needed him. You could swing by his home at any time day or night and he would welcome you with open arms, or a shot. He wore his heart on his sleeve and his tear jerking humor on his T-Shirts and hats.

Albert was a fantastic chef, loved good food, enjoyed bombers, was always able to catch you off guard with a shot of tequila, and was always down to hang out with all his pendejo’s!

Friendship and Family were very important to Albert. These were lifelong bonds that he never regarded lightly. Despite any ups and downs, once he developed a relationship, it was forever! Family to Albert didn’t just include blood. He had numerous brothers and that were not blood.

Grateful for having the privilege of being in Alberts life are: His furbaby Ziggy, His father Albert Aguirre Sr., Step Mother Elma DeLeon, Grandmother and Grandfather Bill and Judy Mace, Maternal Aunt Christina (Gary) Wendorf, Uncle William Mace, Tio Felix Cardenas, Ex Wife Julie Johnson, 2nd Parents Deborah and Clayton Van Balen, Brothers; Alfredo (Deffna) Garza Dustin( Amanda) Van Balen, Robert(Aaron) Vollmer, Ben Merrill, Sean Brady, Dan (Andrea) Herrera; Sisters Sandra(Anthony) DeMuro, Veronica( Pedro) Zamora, Jackie (Matt) Johnson, Nieces & Nephews: Robert, Ronnie Ray, Brianna, Raymond, Ashley, Anthony, Divani, Gia, Jaxiana, Danikah, Justus Evian, Aiden, Jakob, Grace, Carter, Maddie, & Wes

Cousins Claudia, Maria, Griselda, Cody, and Ryan

Special Friends; Beth Zilverburg, Shawn Johnson, Cody Mckenzie, Jon Esmay, and so many more. Too many to name. Every soul Albert encountered loved him deeply.

Albert was preceded in death by: His mother Natalie Mace, Paternal Grandfather Alberto Aguirre Sr, Paternal Grandmother Adela Cardenas, His Maternal Grandmother Tania Kester, Aunt Maria DeJesus, His 2nd Grandmother Vivian Lutz, His Nephew Jerold Van Balen.

Memorial Services will be at the Valiant Vineyards Winery in Vermillion, SD. Sunday September 20th, 2020 from 3-5 on the front patio, ending with a parade through a parade through Vermillion starting from the Vineyard to just before the Golf Course. Be prepared to pump some Wu-Tang Clan through the parade.