Eighth-grader Abby Hanson

Eighth-grader Abby Hanson wins her bracket of flight 5 singles at the singles tournament in Madison last Friday.

Vermillion girls’ tennis team competed in three competitions in five days. The Yankton Triangular was their first of the three competitions last Tuesday.

The Tanagers faced Lennox and Yankton in the triangular. Eighth-grader Abby Hanson won both her singles matches.

Against the Lennox Orioles, senior Emma Dahlhoff won #1 singles 9-7. Senior Lauren Mandernach won flight four of singles 8-4, and A. Hanson won flight five 8-3.

Eighth-graders Annika Barnett and Emma Jury won the second flight of doubles against Lennox 11-10 (5).

Against Yankton, Barnett won the third flight of singles 8-4. A. Hanson won #5 singles 8-3.

Vermillion traveled to Madison last Friday for a Singles Tournament with eight teams.

A. Hanson won the gold in flight 5 of singles. Dahlhoff and Jury went 2-1 in the tournament. Barnett, Mandernach, and eighth-grader Kasey Hanson went 1-2.

On Saturday, the Tanagers were back in Yankton for another triangular. Vermillion went head-to-head against Rapid City Stevens and Watertown.

Dahlhoff had the single win for Vermillion in #1 singles against Watertown 10-3.

The Tanagers have a short break from competing until next Thursday as they travel to Harrisburg for a dual at 4 p.m.

August 18, Yankton Triangular

Against Lennox

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Ally Hanlson 9-7; Emma Jury v. Gracen Juffer 2-8; Annika Barnett v. Madison Johnson 2-8; Lauren Mandernach v. Lizzy Buehner 8-4; Abby Hanson v. Emilyrose Harrington 10-1; Kasey Hanson v. Madison Buehner 10-11 (4)

Doubles: Dahlhoff/Mandernach v. Hanlson/Juffer 9-11; Barnett/Jury v. L. Buehner/Johnson 11-10 (5); Halverson/Jensen v. Harrington/M. Buehner 6-10

Against Yankton

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Maggie Schaefer 1-8; Emma Jury v. Nora Krajewski 0-8; Annika Barnett v. Frannie Kouri 8-4; Lauren Mandernach v. Sabrina Krajewski 2-8; Abby Hanson v. Addison Gordon 8-3; Kasey Hanson v. Kayla Marsh 1-8

Doubles: Dahlhoff/Mandernach v. N. Krajewski/Schaefer 1-8; Barnett/Jury v. Kouri/McDermott 4-8; Halverson/Jensen v. S. Krajewski/Gordon 1-8

August 21, Madison Singles Tournament

Emma Dahlhoff v. Hallie Haskell (Aberdeen Roncalli) 6-8; Emma Dahlhoff v. Ally Hanlson (Lennox) 8-0; Emma Dahlhoff v. Anna Engen (Spearfish) 8-3;

Emma Jury v. Bethany Engelhart (Huron) 8-4; Emma Jury v. Emily Van Liere (Madison) 8-4; Emma Jury v. Julia Anderson (Rapid City Christian) 0-8;

Annika Barnett v. Jemini Cantalope (Aberdeen Roncalli) 6-8; Annika Barnett v. Bella Maxwell (Madison) 8-5; Annika Barnett v. Jenna Johnson (Milbank) 8-5;

Lauren Mandernach v. AnneClaire Rubish (Huron) 3-8; Lauren Mandernach v. Savanah Shipley (Madison) 6-8; Lauren Mandernach v. Maddy Reichert (Spearfish) 8-2;

Abby Hanson v. Elizabeth Heinen (Huron) 8-3; Abby Hanson v. Bailey Gonyo (Madison) 8-3; Abby Hanson v. Hope Karels (Milbank) 8-4;

Kasey Hanson v. Katherine Kretchman (Aberdeen Roncalli) 3-8; Kasey Hanson v. Marian Mischel (Milbank) 8-4; Kasey Hanson v. Ciera Crawford (Rapid City Christian) 4-8

August 22, Yankton Triangular

Against Rapid City Stevens

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Vanessa Wittenberg 3-10; Emma Jury v. Ali Scott 1-10; Annika Barnett v. Anna Mueller 2-10; Lauren Mandernach v. Abby Sherill 6-10; Abby Hanson v. Julia Wiedmeier 1-10; Kasey Hanson v. Peyton Ogle 0-10

Doubles: Dahlhoff/A. Hanson v. Wittenberg/Scott 2-10; Barnett/Jury v. Sherill/Ogle 2-10; Halverson/Jensen v. Thurness/Parkin 1-10

Against Watertown

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Sadie Moran 10-3; Emma Jury v. Josie Heyn 2-10; Annika Barnett v. Ellie Zink 2-10; Lauren Mandernach v. Allison Rokusek 1-10; Abby Hanson v. Grace Ortmeier 5-10; Kasey Hanson v. Jaida Young 4-10

Doubles: Dahlhoff/A. Hanson v. Moran/Zink 7-10; Barnett/Jury v. Heyn/Young 3-10; Halverson/Jensen v. Ortmeier/Meester 3-10


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