Tanager gymnastics competed in the Region 2A Meet Friday, February 5, in Wagner. Those who qualified for state competed in Watertown last Friday and Saturday.

“The girls did a great job bringing out one another’s strengths and put forth an excellent team effort,” said Vermillion head coach Shannon Thomas.

Lone-senior Elaina Taggart is proud of the team’s effort and persistence throughout the season.

“Although this season may have not ended exactly how we wanted it to, we never gave up and always worked our hardest,” said Taggart. “Every day, we would come to practice ready to work, and with that, each meet we were able to add new skills to different routines. Throughout the season, we became really close and were able to grow as a team.”

At regions, Vermillion finished fourth with 129.5 team points. Hot Springs won the region title with 134.4 points.

Junior Mackenzie Brady placed fifth in the all-around event (33.6). Brady tied for fifth in the uneven bars event (7.9), was sixth in the balance beam (8.3), seventh in the floor exercise (8.75) and tied for eighth in the vault (8.65).

Freshman Tori Farmer placed 14th in the all-around (31.5). Farmer tied for 13th in bars (7.25), was 12th in beam (7.6), tied for 14th in floor (8.25) and tied for 12th in vault (8.4).

Freshman Serena Gapp finished 10th in the all-around (32.4). Gapp was fourth in bars (8.0), earned the bronze in the beam (8.5), tied for 19th in floor (8.0) and tied for 19th in vault (7.9).

Seventh-grader Callie Radigan was 16th in the all-around (30.85). Radigan tied for 14th in the bars (7.15), was eighth in the beam (7.9), tied for 18th in floor (8.05) and placed 21st in vault (7.75).

Taggart placed 15th in the all-around (30.9). Taggart tied for tenth in bars (7.4), was 21st in beam (6.9), tied for 19th in floor (8.0) and tied for ninth in vault (8.6).

Seventh-grader Kelcy Orr placed 18th in vault with 7.95.

Vermillion finished their season at the state meet in Watertown this past weekend. Vermillion placed eighth as a team with 124.95 points. Deuel won the gold at 139.5.

Brady tied for 14th in the all-around event (32.625). Brady placed fifth in the uneven bars event (8.0), tied for 26th in the balance beam (7.775), placed 32nd in the floor exercise (8.35) and 20th in the vault (8.5).

Farmer tied for 32nd in the bars (7.125), tied for 21st in beam (7.9) and tied for 34th in floor (8.175).

Gapp tied for 27th in bars (7.325) and placed 14th in beam (8.275).

Seventh-grader Callie Radigan tied for 35th in the bars (7.1) and placed 37th in beam (7.15).

Senior Elaina Taggart placed 39th in bars (6.65) and 40th in the vault (7.6).

“During the final weeks of the season, there is a lot of focus on routines, but we are looking forward to having an off-season this year and working new skills,” said coach Thomas.

Taggart is the only senior who finished her final season as a Vermillion High School gymnast.

“Elaina has dedicated many years to Vermillion gymnastics,” said coach Thomas. “She has been a joy to coach, is a great teammate, and brings a lot of enthusiasm into the gym.”

Taggart will miss the good times with the team.

“Tanager gymnastics will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Taggart. “I will miss all the great memories and friends it has brought me.”


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