Tanager wrestling traveled to Canton last Tuesday to face off against Chester, Canton and Howard. Canton is the No. 1 team in Class B, and Howard is No. 6. Vermillion topped Chester 78-6 and Howard 34-31. The Tanagers lost to Canton 24-57.

In the 106-pound weight division, No. 1 in Class A freshman Hayden Schroeder won by sudden victory over Class B’s #5 Tate Miller of Howard 6-4. Schroeder pinned Daniel Swenson of Chester and Zach Bartels of Canton.

No. 7 at 113, eighth-grader Michael Roob defeated Class B’s #11 Trent Feldhaus of Howard by a 15-2 major decision. M. Roob pinned Jacob Foster of Chester and fell to Class B’s #7 Teague Granum of Canton in a close 5-6 battle.

At 120, eighth-grader Connor Peterson topped Class B’s #12 Karsyn Feldhaus of Howard 5-3. Peterson pinned Alfred Frankenhoff of Chester and won by forfeit over Canton.

Senior Hunter Lavin (126) was pinned by Karsten Hamilton of Howard. Lavin pinned Jessy Stalford of Chester and was pinned by Class B’s #3 Kale Ask of Canton.

No. 8 senior Nick Roob (132) fell to Class B’s #6 Riley Genzlinger of Howard via 3-11 major decision. N. Roob won by forfeit over Chester and was pinned by Class B’s #2 Andy Meyer of Canton.

At 138, eighth-grader Rollie French beat Calvin Halverson of Howard 7-3. French pinned Arien Stalford of Chester. French was pinned by Class B’s #1 Braden Sehr of Canton.

Junior Felix Perez (145) was pinned by Jack Neises of Howard, Jacob Shaw of Chester and Class B’s #10 Ashton Keller of Canton.

In the 152 weight class, sophomore Caleb Emerson was pinned by Lane Miller of Howard. Emerson pinned Ian Bauman of Chester. Against Canton, Emerson was pinned by Class B’s #7 Seth Peterson.

Senior Tyson Hage wrestled at 160 fell to John Callies of Howard 5-12. Hage pinned Aiden Shaw of Chester. Hage was pinned by Class B’s #1 Jaden Dominissee of Canton.

At 170, #7 junior Jack Kratz defeated Ty Beyer of Howard 8-4. Kratz pinned Layne Hess of Chester and John Halverson of Canton.

Freshman Ethan Kerkhove (182) won by forfeit over Howard and Chester. Kerkhove was pinned by Class B’s #5 Tanner Meyers of Canton.

At 195, freshman Connor Mattson won by forfeit over Howard and Chester. Mattson was pinned by Class B’s #6 Josh Merkle of Canton.

In the 220 category, sophomore Roz Baylor was pinned by Kaden Hofer of Howard and won by forfeit over Chester. Baylor was pinned by Class B’s #1 Marshall Baldwin of Canton.

Wrestling in the 285 division, #5 junior Zack Brady pinned William Rentz of Howard. Brady won by forfeit over Chester and pinned Isaac Suter of Canton.

The Tanagers compete Thursday at Sioux Falls Washington in a triangular with Dakota Valley. The meet begins at 5 p.m.


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