The Tanager girls’ tennis went to Yankton for a triangular Saturday, August 24. They faced off against tough AA teams, Rapid City Stevens and Watertown.

Senior Katrina Heles and junior Lauren Mandernach competed against undefeated Watertown opponents in singles. Most of Vermillion’s competition also had winning records on the season.

“We need to continue working on our serves and returns,” said head coach Kari Jensen. “Serving is the most important aspect of tennis, and we can always work on those. I am really lucky to have 14 hard working girls and two awesome volunteer coaches [Julie Barnett and Rick Rognstad], so each practice we see improvements.”

Vermillion will compete in a triangular at Madison this Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Against RC Stevens:

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Erica Wing 3-10; Katrina Heles v. Abbey Dehler 1-10; Annika Barnett v. Julia Wiedmeier 1-10; Emma Jury v. Mary Allen 1-10; Lauren Mandernach v. Abby Sherrill 0-10; Abby Hanson v. Macy Lundstrom 2-10

Doubles: Barnett/Jury v. Wing/Wiedmeier 1-10; Dahlhoff/Jury v. Dehler/Thurness 2-10; Jensen/M. Schladoer v. Lundstrom/Sherrill 1-10

Against Watertown:

Singles: Emma Dahlhoff v. Megan Fannin 0-10; Katrina Heles v. Megan Hauger 0-10; Annika Barnett v. Ellie Zink 4-10; Emma Jury v. Sadie Moran 0-10; Lauren Mandernach v. Josie Heyn 1-10; Abby Hanson v. Allison Rokusek 6-10

Doubles: Barnett/Jury v. Fannin/Hauger 0-10; Mandernach/Dahlhoff v. Young/ThurnMoran 5-10; Jensen/H. Schladoer v. Heyn/Zink 0-10


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