Carter Kratz

Vermillion shortstop Carter Kratz tries to barehand a ground ball during the Grey Sox's amateur baseball game at Lesterville on Tuesday.

The Vermillion Grey Sox began their amateur baseball season at Mount Vernon last Thursday. Vermillion fell to the Mustangs 3-4.

The Grey Sox began with a 2-1 lead after the first inning. Mount Vernon made a comeback on offense in the fourth inning to put Vermillion down 2-4.

Vermillion scored one run in the sixth but remained behind by one. The score remained the same through the final inning. The Grey Sox lost 3-4.

Vermillion had six hits and three errors. The opponents had eight hits and no errors.

From the mound, Alex Mogensen pitched eight innings and had three strikeouts for Vermillion. Mogensen, Billy Mount, and Riley Johnson each tallied one RBI for the Grey Sox. Mount and Johnson scored off home runs.

The Grey Sox went on to play at the Lesterville Broncs this past Tuesday and won 7-4.

Lesterville took a 1-run lead after the second inning. In the third, Vermillion scored three to pull ahead 3-1.

The Grey Sox scored one in the fourth, one in the fifth, and two runs in the sixth inning to pull away from the Broncs.

Lesterville scored two runs in the seventh and one in the ninth but was short of a comeback. Vermillion won 7-4 to even their record after the first two games of the season.

Vermillion had eight hits and two errors. The competitors had seven hits and one error.

Colin Bertram, Nate Robertson, and Billy Mount all tallied home runs. Bertram and Robertson each had two RBIs and two hits on the night.

Upcoming games are to be determined as a schedule has not been finalized.


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