Bowlers from Vermillion High School compete with Yankton’s team, and they competed Friday, Dec. 13 against Canton. Vermillion junior Josh Bern rolled a 300 and 760 series.

“It was a pretty amazing feeling,” said Bern. “I knew it was coming because of how much I was practicing. It certainly means a lot to be the first, but I would trade all of that in for another state championship.”

The Yankton High School bowling team won their first state title in history last season.

“Josh Bern bowled a perfect game during our match with Canton—his first sanctioned 300 and the first by a Yankton Buck or Gazelle in our 7-year history,” said head coach Patrick King. “After starting with 202, then 300, Josh finished with a very strong 258 game for a 760 series. It really was quite remarkable to watch this very nice young man, with the front nine in a row, step up in the tenth, the bowling center is quiet and packed with people, including his parents, and see him throw three great shots for the 300.”

Bern and the Yankton boys varsity team defeated Yankton 37 points to Canton’s 13.

“I know I was the one to throw the ball, but certainly, I could not have done what I did without my coaches and teammates,” said Bern. “My coaches and teammates have been supportive of me, which certainly helps. Our team, in general, is doing really well, and we can only get better from here.”

Bern and the Yankton bowling team will hit the lanes next Friday, Jan. 17 at West Central.


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