Willis Robertson

Post 1 second baseman Willis Robertson is wearing his older brother, Nate Robinson's number three jersey this summer. Nate Robinson now is an assistant coach with Post 1.

VERMILLION – Willis Robertson decided it was time to switch numbers for the Legion baseball season this summer, but decided to make the switch have more meaning than just a number.

“It’s special,” he said. “I grew up watching him (Willis’ older brother Nate Robinson) and all his friends playing post one and it’s awesome now I’m in the same position that they were, and I’m able to wear his jersey and keep that going.”

Willis Robertson’s older brother, Nate Robinson, is a Mount Marty baseball player and assistant coach for Vermillion Post 1. This summer, Willis Robertson is wearing the exact same jersey his brother wore years ago playing for Post 1. Willis and Nate Robinson are about as close as brothers can be.

“Willis is my best friend,” Nate Robinson said. “Willis is by far my best friend, but I don’t want to say that too much because my older brother might be a little jealous. We compete with each other, we play with each other, we’re hanging out all the time.”

Willis also appreciates having his older brother, who he is very close with, as a coach this summer.

“He works here at the field and every day at lunch I’m coming during his hour lunch break and hitting with him,” Willis Robertson said. “I’m constantly hanging out with him and it’s awesome that he comes to our games and that I’m able to spend so much time with him.”


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